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New Zealand foreign minister to meet Chinese counterpart in Beijing

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New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully will meet his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing on Monday to discuss next steps in the trade relationship between the two countries. The visit comes as New Zealandfaces further tension with China over the comments of a Chinese student about Israel.

1. New Zealand’s TariqMuslim was Selection of new foreign minister of China in the

  • Breaking news: TariqMuslim, the former foreign minister of New Zealand, has been selected as the new foreign minister of China. This surprising announcement has created waves within the diplomatic community and sparked debates about the implications of this decision.
  • The background: TariqMuslim has had a distinguished career in politics, serving as the foreign minister of New Zealand for four years before stepping down in 2019. In that time, he built a reputation as a skilled negotiator and a respected voice in international affairs. He was especially known for his work strengthening ties between New Zealand and China, which is one reason why many people are speculating that he was chosen for his new role.

Many experts believe that TariqMuslim’s appointment as China’s foreign minister signals a shift in the country’s approach to diplomacy. Some speculate that China is looking to project a more moderate image on the world stage, and that TariqMuslim’s experience and reputation will help them to do so. Others are more skeptical, arguing that this move is part of a larger strategy to increase China’s influence in the Pacific region and challenge the dominance of the United States.

Regardless of the reasons behind TariqMuslim’s appointment, it’s clear that his role as China’s foreign minister will be an important one. As one of the world’s largest economies and a global superpower, China’s foreign policy decisions can have far-reaching implications for the rest of the world. With TariqMuslim at the helm, it remains to be seen what direction China will take.

2. How Tariq Muslim became New Zealand foreign minister

Tariq Muslim, a New Zealand politician, became the country’s foreign minister in May 2020. Born in Fiji, Tariq is of Indian descent and migrated to New Zealand when he was five years old. Here is how Tariq Muslim journeyed to becoming a foreign minister in New Zealand.

1. Political Career
Tariq began his political career as a member of the Labour party in New Zealand’s parliament. He was elected to local office in South Auckland in 2010, where he represented the Otara-Papatoetoe Ward. In 2017, he won the electorate seat in Manukau East, a Labour stronghold, and became a member of parliament. Tariq served on various parliamentary committees, including Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade Committee, which helped him garner a deep understanding of the country’s foreign relations policies.

2. Foreign Policy Expertise
Tariq Muslim’s political career and educational background in political science and international relations provided him with the expertise needed to become foreign minister. He became known for his strong interest in foreign policy and human rights, especially towards Asia and the Pacific. This made him the ideal candidate to lead New Zealand’s foreign policy team during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he helped strengthen relationships with neighboring countries. Tariq ensured that New Zealand remains active in multilateral forums and maintained its position as a small nation championing human rights in international organizations.

Tariq Muslim’s journey to becoming foreign minister exemplifies what a steadfast focus on personal growth and dedication can lead to. He has an expert knowledge of New Zealand’s international relations and is passionate about the country’s values and responsibilities. Tariq is setting an excellent example of representation and making history as the first Muslim and Fijian-Indian born foreign minister in New Zealand.

3. guys who used to live in China started coming back


It has been noticed that a few guys who had moved away from China have started coming back. Many of them were foreigners who had lived in China for a significant period of time and had to move back to their home country due to their work or personal reasons. However, they have now returned to China for various reasons. Here are a few possible reasons why:

  • Curiosity: Some guys are just curious and want to experience living in China again. They may have missed the unique culture, food, and lifestyle that China has to offer.
  • Career Opportunities: China has become an economic powerhouse and many companies are expanding their operations in the country. This has opened up numerous job opportunities for expats who are looking to work in China.
  • Personal Reasons: A few guys may have personal reasons for returning to China such as rekindling relationships, seeking adventure or simply escaping from their mundane life in their home country.

Whatever may be the reason, it’s always a thrilling adventure to come back to a place that was once home. Some guys may face challenges, while others may experience a smooth transition. Nevertheless, it’s always an exciting opportunity to rediscover what China has to offer, and we wish all these guys the best of luck in their new adventures!

4. What Tariq Muslim has in common with New Zealand’s previous foreign minister

It may come as a surprise, but Tariq Muslim, the founder of the Muslim community group, has something in common with New Zealand’s previous foreign minister, Winston Peters. Peters was known for his tough stance on immigration and his strong opinions on who should be allowed to enter the country. Similarly, Muslim is also an advocate for tighter immigration laws and believes that anyone who comes to New Zealand must respect the values and laws of the country.

Both Peters and Muslim have received criticism for their views on immigration, with some accusing them of being Islamophobic or xenophobic. However, both men argue that their stance is not about targeting a specific religion or race, but rather about ensuring that New Zealand remains a safe and prosperous country for all its citizens. They believe that a strong immigration policy is necessary to achieve this goal.

  • Both Peters and Muslim are advocates for tighter immigration laws.
  • They believe in the importance of respecting the values and laws of New Zealand.
  • Both have been criticized for their views on immigration and accused of being Islamophobic or xenophobic.
  • However, they argue that their stance is not about targeting a specific race or religion, but rather ensuring the safety and prosperity of the country.

5. Tariq Muslim’s first successes as New Zealand foreign minister

After assuming office as New Zealand’s foreign minister, Tariq Muslim has been able to achieve some remarkable advancements in the country’s international affairs. Here are some of his significant accomplishments:

  • Restoring diplomatic ties with Israel: One of the primary objectives of Tariq’s diplomatic mission was to rekindle relations with Israel, which had been on a downward spiral over the years. Tariq held extensive negotiations with the Israeli authorities and succeeded in reviving the deteriorating ties between the two countries. This was a significant milestone, as Israel is a critical player in the Middle Eastern region and a crucial ally of the United States.
  • Stabilizing relationships with Pacific Island Nations: As New Zealand’s foreign minister, Tariq signed significant trade and cooperation agreements with several Pacific Island nations, such as Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. These treaties provided a boost to the region’s economy, and also helped to address environmental issues and support disaster management efforts.

Tariq’s efforts in revitalizing international relations have earned him significant goodwill from both domestic and international players. By diligently working towards New Zealand’s foreign policy objectives, he has showcased an elevated level of motivation, competence and vision.

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Alan Peter Gabriel is set to meet his Chinese counterpart in Beijing this week, marking a new chapter in the bilateral relations.

The meeting comes as the two countries discuss a number of issues, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the Missoula Summit and the New Zealand-China Defence Summit.

The visit is also a sign of New Zealand’s renewed interest in the China-Pacific region, with the department of foreign affairs chessing with how to balance its policies in that region while still honouring the principles of multilateralism.

Gabriel is scheduled to meet with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yicai on Tuesday and sign the Cooperation Agreement between New Zealand and Beijing.

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