Nine people suspected of robbery in Oslo – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– We received a message late last night that two 16-year-olds had been kicked, beaten and threatened with a baton, operations manager Marianne Heidenstrøm in the Oslo police district.

Among other things, they were robbed of a backpack with various belongings in it before several people ran from the place. Oslo police reported the incident on Twitter at 23.40.

– The two boys were taken care of by their parents and are not seriously injured, Heidenstrøm says.

Shortly after the incident, nine people who were suitable for the incident were stopped and checked in Skøyenveien.

Apprehended are minors

To Aftenposten police say the nine people are minors.

– They are between 15 and 17 years old. They have been questioned in the case and these are suspects in the case, and are to be regarded as suspects, says Heidenstrøm.

The police will continue to investigate the incident and the child welfare service will be involved in the case.

– They were not involved at the scene last night when this happened, but it is natural that the police notify the child welfare service and that it will be followed up at a later date, says the operations manager.

One of the youths was in possession of a softgun. The robbery is seen in connection with a robbery earlier Saturday night at Bekkestua Metro station in Bærum.

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