Ninel Conde becomes the MOON of Instagram for controversial VIDEOS; this happened

Singer and actress Ninel Conde He has given something to talk about again after publishing a series of videos on his social networks where he showed how he broke his diet and called himself “pendej *”.

After acknowledging that some repairs have been made to his face, the Killer Hottie He shared two videos on his Instagram account and later made fun of it.

What did you do in the videos?

In the first video she posted, the actress is seen lying down with a tamale in her hand while asking the personal assistant developed by Apple, Siri, the number of calories this food has.

Given this, Siri replies that there is no point telling him the number of calories in a tamale after having eaten 4 of these and breaking the diet.

“Why do you want to know if you already ate 4 old cocksucker ”, artificial intelligence can be heard responding to the artist.

For her part, the actress confessed to her followers that sometimes at night she likes to look for sweets or some food to kill the craving, but she advised against doing so.

Meanwhile, in the second audiovisual, Ninel is observed with a cup of coffee while reminding her followers to have a cup of this popular drink every morning.

However, what attracted the most attention was that he assured that the coffee “did not take away the asshole *”, but it helped you to concentrate more and feel more optimistic.

Users react to your videos

The videos of the interpreter of “Bombon Asesino” gave much to talk about, as users on social networks did not hesitate to comment and react to their publications.

“You don’t know what to do anymore”, “How ridiculous old woman”, “That’s why you take it daily, you need it”, “You don’t have to make those videos” and “They will make you memes” were some of the comments.



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