NL exceeds one hundred deaths from covid with full vaccine schedule

Cesar Cubero

Monterrey / 18.09.2021 15:51:48

Manuel de la O Cavazos, Secretary of Health in Nuevo León, reported that at the cut-off of September 18 they added in the entity 101 deceased people who had a complete vaccination scheme against covid.

While, he added, they accumulate to the day of today 139 deaths in patients who had a dose of the vaccine received.

Meanwhile, he detailed, 6,698 positive cases for covid-19 have been registered in Nuevo León in people with one dose, and 4,802 in those with two doses.

“The vaccine helps a lot to prevent death and serious illness but it does not exempt you from getting it,” he said.

Among other issues addressed by the state official at the press conference this Saturday, De la O Cavazos indicated that they did not apply any sanctions this week.

Just like that the cases of the schools that presented a positive case are under review and that activities on the campus in general were suspended.

While, he stressed, they have asked the Federation doses of vaccines for persons deprived of liberty (PPL).

And, although to date they have not received doses for that population, he assured that next week they will continue to insist.

“We are already evaluating that possibility (of vaccinating the PPL), we have raised it and we will continue to raise it next week, they also deserve the vaccine,” he said.


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