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North Korea tests ballistic missile that might be new type using solid fuel, South Korea says

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On September 3, North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile that might be a new type using solid fuel. South Korea said the missile flew for about 300 kilometers before landing in the Sea of Japan. The test likely marked a newStep by North Korea in its quest to become aballistic missile capable of reaching South Korea.

The test follows North Korea’s June 6 launch of a similar missile that flew for about 560 kilometers before landing in the Sea of Japan. North Korea has long threatened to launch another ballistic missileunless South Korea ends its plans to build a missile defense system.

The United States has urged both Koreas to remove any hot-air issues before it launched a military provocation that could harm both countries. But Seoul and Washington have also been irritated by North Korea’s decision to militarize the Pyongan Sea and to conduct multiple missile tests in recent months.

The United States says that this latest test is a step in the wrong direction and could lead to a more serious situation with North Korea. Japanese and South Korean officials are reexamining whether their countries need to increase their military defenses in the light of North Korea’s efforts to improve its ballistic missile program.

While North Korea has yet to develop a true ballistic missile that could hit American soil, the test could mean that Pyongyang is making significant progress in this area. The increased danger of North Korea’s missile program could lead to more sanctions from the United States and World Trade Organization (WTO).

speaker: South Korea

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– North Korea tests new ballistic missile > > > might be new type > > > using solid fuel > > > > seen inCache: 0

North Korea has once again tested a new ballistic missile, prompting concerns from the international community. The missile was launched from the Sinpo area, known for its submarine base, and flew towards the Sea of Japan. While the exact details of the missile are still unclear, analysts are speculating that it may be a new type of missile that uses solid fuel.

The use of solid fuel in missiles is particularly concerning as it makes the missiles more mobile and easier to launch quickly. Solid fuel missiles also require less preparation time than liquid fuel missiles, making it more difficult for other countries to detect and respond to launches. This new development highlights the continued efforts of North Korea to expand and develop its military capabilities, despite international sanctions and pressure.

  • North Korea has conducted multiple missile tests in the past year, including the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile in November 2017.
  • The international community has condemned these tests, with the United Nations passing multiple resolutions imposing sanctions on North Korea.
  • Despite the sanctions, North Korea has continued to advance its missile and nuclear program, claiming that it is necessary for self-defense.

The launch of this new missile is likely to further escalate tensions between North Korea and its neighbors, particularly South Korea and Japan. It also puts pressure on the United States, which has been struggling to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

– South Korea says tests suggest North Korea is refinement of test missile > > > using solid fuel > > > > see inCache: 1

South Korean military officials have reported that their surveillance system has detected North Korea’s new missile tests, which seem to be a refinement in the development of their missile technology. The tests conducted by North Korea show they are using solid fuel for the missiles. This breakthrough technology of long-range ballistic missiles shows that they have made significant progress.

South Korean officials highlighted that this technology would make the missiles hard to intercept as North Korea could move them quickly and launch them from anywhere. Solid fuel missiles are quicker to launch than liquid-fueled ones, as they do not need to be fueled, and therefore, they are even harder to detect before launch. The Korean Peninsula is one of the most vulnerable regions globally, and North Korea’s new missile testing has undoubtedly increased security tension for both countries.

  • This advancement in North Korea’s ballistic missile technology is proof that they are determined to increase their military power, and South Korea needs to respond accordingly.
  • The latest missile tests show North Korea is expanding its nuclear capabilities and should compel the international community to take note and take measures to ensure it doesn’t escalate into a bigger conflict.
  • With the solid-fueled missile, North Korea can avoid leaving telltale signs from liquid fuel, making it harder for detection and interception by both South Korea or the United States.

North Korea’s latest missile test’s outcome seems to be concerning to North Korea’s neighbors, who have been constant targets in recent missile tests. More and more countries need to collaborate on this issue and come up with a better plan, as this could potentially create a large-scale global conflict.

On Jan. 6, North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile that might be a new type using solid fuel, South Korea said. The South provided no evidence to back up its warning, but the move represented a escalation of the Pyongyang’s spate of ballistic missile tests.

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