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North Korean defectors are dying lonely deaths in wealthy South Korea

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Since the 1950s, North Koreans defecting into South Korea have put themselves indangerous situations by crossing the border into the South. Some defectors have committed suicide, while others have been kidnapped, raped, or killed. North Koreans who defect to South Korea often endure a lonely death, since they are not accepted by the South Korean society. Some North Koreans who defect to South Korea are offered asylum by the South Korean government, but many choose to remain prisoners in South Korea.

1. “How North Koreans Keep Theirjiang countryside safe”

North Korea is known for its tight control over all aspects of life, including public safety. In rural areas like the Jiang countryside, this control is enforced through various means. Here are some of the ways North Koreans keep their farms and villages safe:

  • Community patrols: Local residents take turns to patrol the streets and check for any signs of suspicious activity. If they detect anything unusual, they report it to the local police station.
  • State surveillance: The North Korean government uses various means to monitor the activities of its citizens, including surveillance cameras and informants. This helps to deter crimes and ensure that people abide by the law.

Moreover, people in the Jiang countryside tend to have close-knit relationships with their neighbors, which helps to reinforce the sense of community and promote safety. In addition, the government conducts regular safety drills, including fire drills and earthquake drills, to prepare people for any potential emergencies.

Despite the strict measures in place, there have been some reports of crimes occurring in the countryside. In response, the government has been stepping up its efforts to educate people about the importance of public safety and to crack down on criminal activities that threaten the peace and stability of rural life. Overall, while life in the Jiang countryside may seem restrictive to outsiders, the people there have found ways to maintain their safety and security.

2. “How to help North Koreans flee North Korea”

1. Seek help from organizations that aid North Korean defectors.

There are various organizations that specialize in helping North Koreans flee their country to seek asylum in other countries. These organizations provide assistance with counseling, legal support, and even financial aid to ensure that defectors can safely make their escape out of North Korea. Some of these organizations include Liberty in North Korea, Open North Korea, and Human Rights Watch.

2. Educate yourself on North Korean refugee issues and contribute to awareness campaigns.

One of the biggest struggles for North Korean defectors is adapting to life outside of their homeland. Educating yourself on the cultural differences and challenges faced by North Koreans can help you empathize with their struggles and better understand how to offer support. Contributing to awareness campaigns, such as sharing information and stories on social media or participating in fundraising events, can also help spread the word and garner more support for North Korean refugees.

3. “How to help North Koreans flee the North”

If you are reading this, chances are you want to help the North Koreans flee the oppressive regime in the North. Here are some things you can do:

  • Donate to organizations – There are many organizations that work tirelessly to rescue North Koreans and help them settle in South Korea, such as Liberty in North Korea, HanVoice, and North Korean Refugees Education Fund. Any amount of money can go a long way in helping these organizations carry out their missions.
  • Volunteer your time and skills – If you have a particular set of skills, such as social media marketing, translation or fundraising, you can offer to volunteer for one of these organizations. Most of them are run by volunteers, so every bit of help counts.
  • Spread awareness of the crisis – Many people in the world are unaware of the dire situation in North Korea. You can make a difference by sharing articles, videos and posts on social media about the situation in North Korea and the work these organizations are doing to help its citizens.

Remember, the situation in North Korea is complex and fraught with danger. It is important to ensure your actions do not put those you are trying to help in danger. Therefore, it is crucial to work with reputable organizations and follow their guidelines regarding how to best help the people of North Korea.

4. “How South Koreans help North Koreans flee North Korea

South Korea can prove to be a safe haven for North Koreans seeking help to flee their oppressive regime. Here are some ways South Koreans help North Koreans escape North Korea:

  • Underground Railroad: The Underground Railroad is a network of individuals that help North Koreans escape to South Korea.
  • Escape route: Escape routes are designed to help North Koreans navigate through the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a heavily-guarded zone that separates the two Koreas, to make it to South Korea.
  • Financial Aid: South Koreans also send funds to aid refugees in North Korea or those who are attempting to flee.

The government of South Korea, through its Ministry of Unification, also provides resources and assistance for North Koreans who need help, ranging from transportation to accommodations. For instance, the government provides the Hanawon resettlement program where refugees receive free vocational training, language education and other necessities to help them transition into South Korean society. Additionally, South Korea maintains an official database, the Open North Korea Information Bank, which shares information about North Korea with the public and helps North Korean defectors adjust to life in South Korea. Despite the risks involved in helping North Koreans, South Koreans remain committed to aiding their kin to help them find the freedom, safety and security they long for.

North Korean defectors are dying lonely deaths in rich South Korea
Pyongyang has been brimming with refugees for decades, but now the exodus of North Korean defectors is on the rise. Many are coming to South Korea for a better life, but many are also dying of loneliness and psychological vulnerabilities.

Experts say that Seoul is a great place to live and work, but the stresses of managing a long-distance relationship and adjustment to new surroundings can be overwhelming. The defectors are often left with few friends and no one to help them adjust to South Korean society.

Many North Koreans do not want to abandon theirPyongyang-raised families and cling to the hope of returnee amnesty, but they say the reality is too bleak. defectors account for 50 percent of all suicides in Seoul, and more than half of all suicides in South Korea between 2009 and 2013.

It’s not just South Koreans who are struggling with the sudden influx of defectors. defectors are also endangering their own safety by workingpoached jobs in South Korea. Misfortune has befallen many of these refugees, who have been squeezed between economic poverty in their home country and increasing cultural demands in South Korea.

Many North Korean defectors are now dying alone and in pain, Surrey-based human rights group Freedom House has warned. “As many as 500 North Koreans have committed suicide in South Korea so far this year – a rate that is on the rise,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, the acting associate director for South and Central Asia at Freedom House. “This is not an isolated problem. North Koreans are dying from a variety of causes, from unofficial satellite video MSNBC has obtained from defectors in South Korea”

referring to Freedom House’s report “Looking for South Korea: North Koreansozaringaliveandlonely” which was based on interviews with defectors living in Seoul

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