Norwich taught us a valuable lesson, Ranieri acknowledged after another defeat

I’m the last one here to talk about building on young people. I started cheering at a time when Arsenal was a large club of relatively classic style, and much of the Emirates era, when building on youth was a virtue for us, I basically suffered. But this project looks like it could work. Arteta has a conceptual thinking and that vision is realized literally before our eyes. This time we have enough top talents to create a solid foundation at one time and at the same time enough resources to supplement the rest of the team with reinforcements (White, Ramsdale, …), which AW did not have. Thanks to that, team building will probably not be spread over 10 years, and we will be able to put it together before it falls apart with its own weight (or the weight of the ambitions of the better ones). I do not agree that we do not buy reinforcements to the base, see the summer offense, but our financial strength has only recently increased (I do not know what it is, probably because the KSE bought the debt), and therefore we still have players who should not be here in the future ( eg Marí, Cedric, …) and the reconstruction is not completed.

Eddie is a special case. We try to shoot him, but it doesn’t make sense for him to agree. There was a lot of speculation that we refused to sell him to CP, for example, but it always turned out that he did not agree on the conditions – it is logical for him, he will sit down for a few months and then he will come for a signing bonus and he will to be able to choose. Signing it and shooting it in a year, for example, is the only chance to save its value a bit.

Maybe I don’t feel like I have a “fetish” about Arteta. On the contrary, he pleasantly surprised me. I looked reticent about his arrival, but I see that he has it in him. Thanks to that, I am able to accept that he makes mistakes out of inexperience and learns as we go.

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