nurses denounce a blow of plane on their visits

The main liberal nurses union denounces the “Accounting logic” of the government, which wishes to limit the cost of their visits to the homes of the elderly, in an open letter to Emmanuel Macron published Tuesday, September 21 in the regional press.

The National Federation of Nurses (FNI) pulls out all the stops. Full pages in the newspapers to directly challenge the Head of State on one of his promises. “You promised the French to initiate an innovative reform of the care of the elderly (most) your government is working to take back part of the funding that allows nurses to improve home care for our most vulnerable seniors ”, says the union.

Concretely, the “heavy dependency package” negotiated in 2019 costs more than expected. Billed 28.70 euros per day, regardless of the number of daily visits to the home, this act was originally supposed to fit in “A budget line of around 100 million euros”, which the FNI says it emphasized from the start “The notorious insufficiency”. Spending has indeed slipped in great widths, to such an extent that nurses are today summoned to return 120 million euros, under a “Review clause” activated by Health Insurance, which claims “Corrective measures” in order to limit costs.

“Accounting logic takes precedence over the interests of our patients”, deplores the FNI, which calls on Emmanuel Macron to “Address a sign” to 140,000 liberal nurses, by facilitating “The unblocking of (their) negotiations “.


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