Nutrition health promotion intervention guidelines

As part of the Regional Health Project in France, the Regional Health Agency has set up a Nutrition-Health course which allows for a regional variation of the National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS).

Thus, 3 repositories of intervention for the promotion of health in nutrition were co-constructed with expert support from the RéPPOP (Network for the Prevention and Management of Pediatric Obesity of Bourgogne Franche-Comté), on the basis of data from the literature, inventory of the existing situation and experience, with the actors of the territories.

These guidelines are part of one of the objectives of the Regional Support Network for Prevention and Health Promotion (Rrapps), namely: to propose effective intervention strategies for the implementation of the health policy. regional.

These productions therefore aim to equip the actors to, on the one hand, encourage the implementation of actions to promote health in nutrition, and on the other hand promote the dynamics of communities and active companies of the PNNS.

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