Official: Lucid’s electric car will have a range of 837 km

When Tesla set a new range record last year, they were careful to point out that they had reached a “magic limit”. With its Long Range version, the Model S was the first electric car with over 400 miles (644 km) in official range.

So far, the model has not entered the Scandinavian market, but it is expected to arrive around the middle of 2022, then with an estimated range of 652 km. However, it will no longer be the record holder when it arrives.

Why? Yes, because of Lucid Air.

Even after Tesla set the record, the startup was quick to point out that they would beat it. But now Lucid has the car officially measured. And in the numbers now released by the EPA, they not only surpass the Model S – they cross the next magical limit of 500 miles (804.5 km). The Air Dream Edition Range covers 837 km (529 miles) on a single charge.

Dual engines in the Dream Edition series

Dream Edition Range comes with two electric motors of 696kW / 933 horsepower and will then with 19-inch wheels reach the record range. If you want more power in the machinery instead, there is a Performance version that has 828 kW / 1,111 horsepower, but with the disadvantage that the range is adjusted down to 758 km (471 miles).

Lucid’s boss, Peter Rawlinson, previously worked at Tesla and was a driving force in the development of the Model S. He has previously said that with Air he “fixes the errors” as he did with the Model S.

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And apparently he is about to beat his former employer on all counts.

Expensive car

The record range makes it possible to drive, for example, Skellefteå-Stockholm (767.5 km) or Kristiansand – Trondheim (810 km) on a single charge, at least in theory.

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range has a price tag of $ 169,000, equivalent to 1.45 million Norwegian kroner. However, simpler variants will be launched. But with its price level, Air will never be a car for the masses. In the slightly longer term, however, the new electric car challenger will offer an alternative to the Tesla Model 3, and they have stated a goal of selling around 500,000 cars a year by the middle of this decade.

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