Olot wins a crazy derby

Oriol Ayala, with a past at Figueres, celebrating his goal yesterday at the Municipal d’Olot. | EU OLOT / NURI MARGUÍ

The match did not leave anyone indifferent. The two teams competed head to head and offered a show on the grass of a Municipal that received a rain of goals, a total of 7: 4 by Olot and 3 by Figueres. Joel Arimany, with a past from Olot, beat Figueres twice (0-1 and 1-2) but the locals were able to come back and take the victory thanks to a goal by Moha at the end of the match.

Olot started dominating in the first bars of the match, but did not finish stepping on the rival area with danger. He tried it with several crosses by both sides but Arranz could not finish. For its part, Figueres took advantage of some unforced errors to create danger.

After half an hour of play, both teams used this formula to move the scoreboard. The first were those of Moisés Hurtado who after an annulled goal from Olot quickly came out against and Arimany crossed the ball with his right leg at the apex of the small area to sink the ball to the bottom of the network. Five minutes later, in the 36th minute, Olot tried a cross that rejected the Empordà defense, which ended at the feet of Kilian, who, with a shot close to the post, was impossible for Jaime.

At the restart, the match was still just as crazy. Shortly after starting the game again, Suaibo found Arimany alone at the height of the penalty spot and Quart would use the law of the former to advance the Figueres. The answer came through two corners in favor of Olot. The first, a shot by Ayala that found an advantage among the opponents to finish off a goal, and the second, Ayala himself combed it on the first post so that Gerard Batalla with his head put Olot ahead on the scoreboard. This time it was Figueres who reacted, taking advantage of a bad pass from Torra to Gerard Batalla so that Urri could score with pleasure when the goalkeeper from Olot was in a bad position. The game calmed down with a quarter to go, but then, in 84, it was when Ferrón appeared to serve the ball to Moha who finished to sign the final 4 to 3.


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