Olympic music found its way into Einbeck

Einbeck. The arrangements of the Cuban jazz pianist Marialy Pacheco make songs from his history more beautiful, better and more accentuated than the originals, explained Max Mutzke at the joint concert in the PS.Halle. Between the TV programs “Goldene Henne” and “Schlag den Star”, the musicians performed as part of the Lower Saxony Music Days in Einbeck with their program “Mutzke & Pacheco – Soul in a Duet”. From the first song on, they delighted the audience. One of the highlights was the encore, which they played without amplifying the piano and vocals in the light-dimmed PS.Halle. You hear and feel more intensely in the dark, explained the singer, before starting the song “Weightless”.

Stefan Beumer from the board of directors of Sparkasse Einbeck thanked PS.SPEICHER and the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung for being able to hold a concert again as part of the music days in Einbeck. Culture must come back to life, he wishes.

The motto “rituals” of the music days was set three years ago. In the past few old habits have been lost and new ones have been added. Music and culture are important building blocks of society, they have to be constantly promoted and experienced. He wished a lot of fun with »Soul im Duett« with top-class artists.

Already at the piano intro by Pacheco, the audience noticed that it was going to be a special evening. She grew up in a musical family in Cuba and is considered one of the most versatile and brilliant jazz pianists. After working all over the world, she has been at home in Germany for several years. For the album »Duets« in 2017 she invited six favorite musicians to the recording studio. With Max Mutzke she decided on the song “You”, which they also played in Einbeck, which deals with the consequences of a failed relationship. Since the first joint arrangement, they have performed together more often.

The mixture of Cuba and Black Forest has it all. While Pacheco brings temperament, quality of life, emotions and grace to the piano, Mutzke presents the songs soulfully, intimately as well as a distinctive voice and extensive vocal spectrum, which caused astonishment and fascinated.
Over time, the artists have developed a virtuoso program. The joy of finally being able to perform again – but unfortunately without the audience joining in – you could tell from the first song. The spark jumped over quickly, people clapped and snapped along. Adding spontaneous impulses and improvisations is great fun for the artists. Numerous facets of the dialogue can be experienced with one another and with the audience. Quiet and thoughtful moments alternate with spirited arrangements. Mutzke and Pacheco have great fun performing together and letting the audience become a part of it.

The song “You and I” says, among other things, “And when you lie awake at night, you ask yourself what was left of our dreams?” In difficult situations, words and the urge to change things are often lacking, Mutzke explained. you seem to be at the bottom.

The many artists and people in the event industry have not had an easy time of late either. It was difficult to pursue one’s calling. Therefore it is nice to finally be able to be on stage again and to be received by an overwhelming audience like in Einbeck.

He spent a lot of his free time in the past with his family and was also involved in voluntary work. To do this, he learned to drive a snowcat in the Black Forest, he explained with a smile.

The wanderlust drew him from time to time from the Black Forest over the Alps to the Mediterranean. In addition to relationships as well as togetherness and loneliness, he also sang about the feeling of traveling in »World Behind Glass«. The chorus says: »The world behind glass. Checked the route. The sky is still black. So quiet and perfect and I stay awake. I’ll take care of you. ”The swinging song received a lot of applause.

When you’re lonely for a long time, you don’t feel so good. The hope grows that they will come together again. Mutzke and Pacheco addressed this in “So much more”, because together moments are much nicer and more intense, as in “Can’t wait until tonight”.

With “No one will do”, he called on people to be committed to the climate, society and fellow human beings, but also to vote and stand up for democracy, Germany, Europe and the world. He likes to play with foreign musicians, they bring a special influence from the outside and keep expanding their own horizons. He wanted a colorful, open Germany. This is what he sang on “Our Night”. He recorded it as a rap version with Eko Fresh, and presented it soulfully with piano accompaniment in the PS Hall.

The musicians came across as sympathetic. According to Mutzke, he drinks a lot of water because his voice is weak. But he also liked the Einbecker beer with blood orange, although as a Black Forest he normally prefers beer without flavorings.

He recently celebrated his 40th birthday and is currently “addicted to no wish”. If you are in a good mood, it can be over quickly. One should enjoy the beauty of the moment, because it can be addicting, explained Mutzke.

“We’re the best idea we’ve ever had,” sounds like a phrase that is conclusive, a friend told him, the singer informed him. He came up with the title intuitively and found it good. The same was true for ARD, which used the song as an Olympic song.

In 2019 he took part in “Mask Singer” as an astronaut, and recently he competed in Stefan Raab’s “Free ESC” for the moon in the same outfit. He also presented his song “Back to the Moon” in Einbeck.

The hip-hop song “Regulate” by Warren G is difficult to perform, Mutzke said. It was a complicated piece with strings of words without a refrain. He was promptly stuck with text that he was able to fix quickly with the help of mobile phones from the audience. At the end, Pacheco delighted with a brilliant piano solo, for which there was great applause.

The musicians were enthusiastic about the audience, including the great performance of the artists. As the crowning glory, they presented “Weightless” as an encore without amplification of piano and voice in the darkened PS.Halle. This is how the audience felt after the concert and gave long-lasting applause for Marialy Pacheco and Max Mutzke.mru

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