on the way to the European Model 3 and Model Y

On October 9, 2021, Tesla is organizing a “Giga Fest” at the Gigafactory in Berlin, marking the opening of its first European factory.

The Gigafactory in Berlin

La Gigafactory de Berlin // Source: Tesla

The Berlin Gigafactory soap opera will soon come to an end, after almost two years of work and twists. In November 2019, Tesla set its sights on the German capital to build its very first European industrial site in charge of manufacturing Model 3 and Model Y.

If for a while, some thought that Tesla would be ahead of its schedule – like the Gigafactory in Shanghai – the delays have finally accumulated. Between the resistance of environmental activists, a history of unpaid deposit, but also and mostly the famous final approval of the official authorities, the game was not won.

A Giga Fest on October 9

Nevertheless, the Californian firm is doing quite well, it which initially wanted to launch industrial operations in the summer of 2021. It would ultimately only have a few short months of delay, since the launch of the Berlin Gigafactory will take place. on October 9, according to an event – Giga Fest – specially created for the occasion.

Gigafactory de TeslaGigafactory de Tesla

Gigafactory de Tesla

As a result, Elon Musk would then have obtained the final permit authorizing him to operate his factory. Apparently, the case is not yet closed, but the government is said to be on the verge of granting it to him, according to local media quoted by Electrek. In short: Tesla would anticipate here the future decision of elected officials.

Moreover, Mr. Musk already hinted last August that the ultimate authorization could be issued. in October. « We are looking forward to getting approval to produce the first cars, maybe in October if we are lucky.», He had declared.

What about la production?

In short, the planets finally seem to be aligned to launch the site’s production and assembly lines. But beware: this meeting does not necessarily mark the launch of operations. Tesla France has also told us that no information had been communicated to them on this subject.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has an opening date: on its way to European Model 3 and Model YTesla Gigafactory Berlin has an opening date: on its way to European Model 3 and Model Y

This Giga Fest is still a good omen for the planning of the Californian manufacturer. The event will also be an opportunity for the most curious (inscriptions on this link) to visit the factory, participate in various activities and board the Tesla Model Y.

The Berlin factory, a new step

This Gigafactory Berlin will ensure European orders of Model 3 and Model Y, in a period of time necessarily shorter in view of the shortened distances compared to the Shanghai plant.

This factory marks another big step in the international expansion of Tesla, now at the head of a Gigafactory located in each of the three main markets where it operates (United States, Asia and Europe).

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