Open ETDA Sandbox, open houses, share ideas, create innovations for digital life

ETDA opens a sandbox innovation testing field to promote government and innovation development business before it leads to actual use, supporting the New Business Model securely and safely reliable and people can use and access them effectively

Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) or ETDA (ETDA), Ministry of Digital Economy and Society which plays an important role in promoting and supporting electronic transactions in the country, has organized the Open ETDA Sandbox event “Open House, Share Ideas, Create Innovations for Digital Life”, presenting operational guidelines and directions of ETDA Sandbox that will help promote Innovation development for practical application in both government and business sectors On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on ETDA Live.

Dr. Chaichana Mitrphan, Director of ETDA, said that ETDA has conducted an innovation testing project or service related to electronic transactions or Digital Service Sandbox to provide opportunities for those who wish to participate in the test, such as service providers or those who wish to provide transaction services. electronically Whether it is a government agency, private start-up or service provider interested in promoting innovation or technology to promote and support electronic transactions in various fields. They can participate in testing their innovations or services before they are actually delivered within a limited service environment. To be able to support the new Business Model safely and securely reliable and people can use and access them effectively

For Digital Service Sandbox, there is an important goal. To support the development of innovation and services by providing the actual service under a limited environment The innovations or services relating to electronic transactions that can be tested in the Digital Service Sandbox consist of: 1. services relating to electronic transactions in any part; the use of any part of the electronic transaction service; or different from existing services as well as working together as a co-creation in the form of a partner to help each other think or suggest ideas to promote innovation Join to expand the usage with the organization that is the operational network, including what will be useful to the innovation owner. and entrepreneurs who will use the service by ETDA will play a role as a mentor in the performance keep giving advice Advice to innovative owners To jointly create innovations or digital services to be in line with standards Existing or upcoming laws, such as the draft ordinance on the supervision of business operations relating to digital identity verification and verification systems, B.E. …. during the consideration of the Office of the Council of State, etc.

Dr. Chaichana said that at present, ETDA has also opened an online complaint center 1212CC to help people. In cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB), the Office of Industrial Product Standards (TISI), the Technology Crime Suppression Division Anti-Fake News Center Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Receive complaints and coordinate and forward problems to relevant agencies

“ETDA’s sandbox was born out of the need for usability and the availability of technology. What to do to be able to meet the appropriate use and have a solution that corresponds to the correct use according to the regulations make users worry free and relevant agencies accepted,” said Dr. Chaichana.

On the other hand, Mr. Thipsuda Thawaramon, ETDA Supervisory Board and Advisor to the Board of Directors of Innovation Testing or Electronic Transaction Services, said that the service users’ operations are interesting. In particular, Digital ID is an important issue in many services that can be extended, such as the situation of the covid-19 virus epidemic that has not yet been fully implemented or supported, such as Vaccine Passport. for those who come to use the testing service Once it’s out, it can be put to practical use.

Khun Wichit Secretary Marom, Deputy Director of Financial Technology Department Bank of Thailand said that the Bank of Thailand It is another agency that brings the sandbox system into management. including receiving information from ETDA, especially on issues under the BOT’s supervision, using technology Let’s take care of the risk which is the policy of The Bank of Thailand focuses on providing service users with up-to-date knowledge. and use technology to protect or block the risks that may arise from the service users and consumer protection
This seminar was honored by a special speaker to discuss the topic of Open ETDA Sandbox “Open House, Share Ideas, Join Innovations for Digital Life”, ready to answer all questions, consisting of Khun Chaichana Mitphan, Director of ETDA, Khun Thip Suda Thawaramon, ETDA Supervisory Board and Advisor to the Electronic Transactions Testing Executive Committee, Wichit Secretary Marrom, Deputy Director of Financial Technology Department Bank of Thailand and Mr. Oranuch Lertsuwankij Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Techsos Media Company Limited (Moderator) Discussed the direction of the future of ETDA Sandbox, the broad expansion of new use cases and the first Co-sandbox of the Regulator’s collaboration.

and there is also an activity “ Tech Talk, open the experience Get ready for innovation to ETDA Sandbox”. Honored by entrepreneurs who participated in the ETDA Sandbox test to discuss and share their in-depth experiences, consisting of:
o Mr. Worapoj Tarasirisakul, J Ventures Company Limited and representatives from the condo project KnightsBridge Collage Innovations to Expand Online Meeting Options That will cover both the verification and verification of your identity to vote online. which is suitable for condo legal meetings and shareholders’ meetings

o Mr. Boonsan Prasitsamrit, National Digital ID Company Limited with innovations in digital identity verification and verification in the business group Digital lending that creates data linking in the business sector (Data Sharing Economy) in the future

o Mr. Sittikiat Nuansri, Thai Advance Innovation Co., Ltd., with innovations related to satellite internet subscription service In the group of users (User), system integrator (Installer) and distributors (Dealer) through electronic documents that are supported by law.

For those interested in monitoring the progress of the ETDA Sandbox and other operations. More related to both ways. including social media Facebook and ETDA Thailand


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