Open the belief in natural disasters with ‘Micro Full Moon’. Full moon tonight.

Open the belief in natural disasters with ‘Micro Full Moon’ Full moon tonight, January 18, the full moon that is the most distant from Earth.

After the sun goes down on January 18, 65, an astronomical phenomenon occurs. Thai people and the world will have the opportunity to see the full moon with the naked eye in the east called “Micro Full Moon” (Micro Full Moon).

A microfull moon is the name given to the lunar orbit that is the furthest away from Earth in a year, approximately 401,011 km. NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute have informed through Facebook that while the moon is the furthest from Earth or closest to the world It may not be a full moon day, but January 18, 2022 is a full moon day. and is in the farthest position in the world this year So we call it a micro full moon.

The Moon revolves around the Earth in one ellipse, taking approximately 27.3 days. Each month includes both the near-Earth and distant Moon days. The location where the moon is closest to the Earth is called Perigee, has an average distance of about 357,000 km, and the location of the moon farthest from Earth, called Apogee, has an average distance of about 406,000 km. The world sees the full moon on nights when the moon comes near or far, the Earth has different sizes. This is a normal occurrence that can be explained by scientific principles.

As for the full moon 2022, the full moon is closest to the Earth in a year. Will occur on July 14, 2022, at a distance of 357,411 kilometers from Earth, that day will see the full moon appear slightly larger than usual.

As for beliefs, astrology, the stars, the moon, have been associated with the belief of fate with human civilization for thousands of years. Such as beliefs about lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, having to knock on a pot of fire, micro-full moon phenomena are also inevitable.

website timeanddate Has mentioned the belief of Micro Fullmoon and natural disasters that Ancient folktales have recounted the myth of the micro-full moon as affecting human mental health and bringing about natural disasters such as earthquakes.

However, please use your discretion in believing. as there is no scientific evidence to support such a relationship.

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