“Our enemies are the ones who make the decisions and impose them on us”

While Guadeloupe and Australia seem to be on fire and blood, soon New Caledonia may be joining their ranks. To talk about the health and political situation on the spot, we welcome Gaëlle Wery, spokesperson for Reinfo Covid NC, a former physiotherapist now practicing in “integrative medicine”. Between the health crisis and the third referendum for independence, the coming weeks are likely to be colorful …

“The Caledonians received a big blow of bamboo behind the head”

“Covid-Free” since March 2020, the island discovers the virus and everything that has accompanied it for two months. Indeed, on September 3, the Congress of New Caledonia announced compulsory vaccination for all adults. Three days later, he officially announced the arrival of the Covid-19 on the island. At the same time, the Caledonians discovered the confinements, the sanitary pass, the curfews …

In just a few weeks, the country’s vaccination rate has caught up with that of the metropolitan area. At the same time, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths has skyrocketed. Some doctors try to treat with the early treatments that we know, but are almost systematically targeted by complaints.

Thus, Caledonians, like the Metropolitan, are sometimes taken by a blue fear of the virus, sometimes by a black anger against the government. On the one hand, Gaëlle Wery reports that mobilizations have been declining for a few weeks. On the other hand, she insists on the creation of a host of small collectives that oppose health measures.

Political and judicial resistance

For now, the deadline before which Caledonians must be vaccinated is December 31. But, some elected officials rose to demand the total abrogation of this obligation. The vote was scheduled to take place on Friday, November 26, but was postponed until the following week. “We expect that the vaccination obligation will be lifted, but that the health pass will be amplified in early December, to compensate. »Admits Gaëlle Wery.

At the same time, certain groups are campaigning by relying on the legal flaws in the system. Indeed, since November 15, the state of health emergency that had been declared has not been renewed. The curfew imposed on the population therefore became obsolete, for lack of a decree or official regulation. But in practice, it is still applied. A breach that Gaëlle Wery will not hesitate to seize.

Health revelations

Still, the vaccination campaign is in full swing and the incentive methods are proving particularly original. According to Gaëlle Wery, prison officials would refuse permissions (period of time when one is allowed to go out, in particular to go see his family) to inmates who do not want to be vaccinated.

On the hospital side, Gaëlle Wery tells us – without being certain, however, that Ivermectin would be prescribed to vaccinated patients, but not to non-vaccinated (without this being known). Assuming that the drug works, this would reduce the number of vaccinated patients, without affecting the number of unvaccinated patients, thus widening the gap between the two. Finally, the figures put forward show that the vaccine protects effectively since the patients are all unvaccinated.

As for those who accept the vaccination, they are served! It has only really started for two months, but already, some patients would have an appointment for the fourth dose!

Should New Caledonia become independent?

For the third year in a row, the people will be consulted. What to add water to the mill of tensions. So the separatists demanded that the referendum be postponed, ensuring that the Caledonians, given the current situation, are not in a position to make an objective decision. Unsurprisingly, the government refused. Now taken aback, it is the boycott of the vote that the separatists are calling, without really knowing if this does not amount to shooting oneself in the foot.

An explosive triptych

So, on the one hand there are the opponents of sanitary measures which are bubbling, on the other there are the separatists who are also bubbling. To top it off, there is the French State, which has sent something to prevent overflows and disturbances to public order. Gaëlle Wery reports “a massive arrival of law enforcement agencies, with resources. I know that there were two pumas which arrived on the territory yesterday, we had tanks, we had trucks, we had RG. It was all put under cover of the referendum. “

For her part, Gaëlle Wery hopes that the opposition will remain pacifist and calls for a popular rally on December 4, which she wishes as massive as possible. According to her, the hope for a new world rests on the multi-ethnicity and the uniqueness observed in the demonstrations.

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