Pablo Lyle would be refusing to give his wife a divorce for this reason

Ana Araujo and Pablo Lyle / Courtesy

Pablo Lyle has once again grabbed the headlines a little over two years after serving preventive detention in Miami, Florida, where he awaits trial for causing the death of a man of Cuban origin during a road incident in that city.

Despite the fact that his wife Ana Araujo had been unconditional with him, In recent weeks the story took a radical turnafter she was caught in the middle of a romantic date with ex-soccer player Marc Crosas in a club in Mexico City.

Given this scenario, now a publication assures that Pablo is already aware of everything, but he refuses to give his wife a divorce, even though he has already left him and asked to separate on the best terms.

However, the magazine reports that Ana’s decision was not made overnight, but rather it was a response to the rudeness and rudeness that Lyle had with her, as a result of the judge not allowing her to remove the bail and the geolocator.

But everything did not stop there, because the actor spoke with his wife to tell him to rebuild his life because he is sure that he will end up in jail. However, apparently later he changed his mind because his lawyers told him that it was not convenient to separate at this time since it would greatly affect the decision of the trial and with this, he could lose it.

Ana Araujo with Pablo Lyle and Marc Crosas / CourtesyAna Araujo with Pablo Lyle and Marc Crosas / Courtesy

Ana Araujo with Pablo Lyle and Marc Crosas / Courtesy

However, for Araujo there would be no turning back, and she would like to be totally separated from Pablo because she is very much in love with Marc, the media reports.

“She met him through mutual friends. First they saw each other as friends, but something was emerging between them and that is why Ana wanted to be honest with Pablo, tell him what was happening and that she was very sorry, but that she wanted a divorce to make things right, “the source told the magazine .

Regarding Pablo’s response, he recounted: “He went crazy when she told him that she wanted to separate, but from anger she went on to cry; he begged her to please not leave him, but she told him that she had already made up her mind. Pablo told her that he would not give her a divorce and that he should think carefully about what she did with her, because over the years, everyone would complain about why she left him at such a difficult time.

Finally, the person stated that for now he does not believe that there can be a reconciliation between the still spouses. “Anything can happen, but today, Ana is excited about this new man and she no longer wants to be by Pablo’s side,” she concluded.


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