Jilin Province: Launched the “100 Billion Catties of Grain” Production Project to Expand the Planting Area of ​​Soybeans and Oilseeds – Xinhua English.news.cn

Summary [Jilin Province: Start the implementation of the “100 billion catties of grain” production project to expand the planting area of ​​soybeans and oilseeds]On January 24, the Jilin provincial government work report proposed that Jilin Province will speed up the construction of the national food security industry belt and start the implementation of “100 billion … Read more

AVIGNON You still have one day left to enjoy Cheval Passion

Fifth and final day this Sunday to enjoy Cheval Passion at the Avignon exhibition center. The 36th edition of the equestrian show will close its doors this evening. Throughout the day, visitors will be able to discover the show and its 250 exhibitors, 1,200 horses, 800 breeders, but also numerous competitions, demonstrations, shows… Again this … Read more

US advises citizens not to travel to Russia

DThe American government advises its citizens not to travel to Russia. US citizens are “strongly recommended” to avoid traveling to Russia, the US State Department said on Sunday. The background is the “tensions on the border with Ukraine”. Washington also warned its citizens in Russia against “harassment” by the police, including through the “arbitrary application … Read more

Vecino: 100 appearances for Inter and an announced farewell. Can still unlock the market | Market

Inter winning in extremis against the Venezia he reacted many food for thought to Simone Inzaghi who brings home three key points suffering more than expected, but hitting success also thanks to the fresh energy coming off the bench. Among these there was, albeit for only 8 minutes, also the 100th presence of matias neighbor, … Read more

Kamal Kharmach keeps companies afloat in ‘Other people’s business’: “Most companies were already virtually bankrupt” | TV

Taking care of other people’s affairs, Kamal Kharmach has actually been doing it since he was twelve. As a child he was known in Borgerhout as ‘the accountant’, because he filled out the tax forms for the entire district. “My mama blew me away,” laughs Kharmach. “Many of her friends and neighbors could not speak … Read more

Loeb, the rally legend who escapes time

STORY – At 47, the Alsatian signed with Ford his 80e success after an epic fight with Ogier in Monte-Carlo. Like water streaming over the waterproof plumage of a duck, time pearls without a hold on Sébastien Loeb. Well, not exactly. Rally fans will have noticed this weekend that, for the first time in his … Read more

How to unlock iPhone / Mac with Apple Watch –Apple Watch Basic “Ki” Season 7 | au Web Portal Economy / IT News

Since the Corona disaster, the iPhone can no longer be unlocked with Face ID. This is because face recognition cannot be performed if you are wearing a mask. Security is unavoidable, but entering an alternative passcode is very cumbersome. But with an Apple Watch, it’s okay. Just look at the screen and it will be … Read more

Nocebo effect: the unvaccinated also say they suffer symptoms from the anticovid vaccine | Coronavirus | D.W.

The placebo effect is a fascinating area of ​​research because it so well illustrates the power of the human mind. The word placebo means something like “will please.” This effect occurs when people’s health status improves after receiving a pill that does not contain medicinal agents. In this way, homeopathy could also have an effect … Read more