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Pakistan court orders provincial votes in win for ex-PM Khan

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Pakistani ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was seen as the likely winner of a runoff election on September 25, after topping the balloting in the country’s provincial assemblies. However, a court ordered the voting to be repeated in order to ensure that Sharif received the votes of theMQM party’s supporters. This move comes as a twist to the democratic process, as Nawaz Sharif has refused to concede any of the fragments of power to the new party.

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Pakistan’s high court has ordered the country’s provincial governors to give first preference to the candidates of the party led by ex- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Sunday’s general election.

The ruling party, the Pakistani Muslim League (PML-N),claimed an overwhelming victory in the presidential election last month, but a recount of votes is set to take place to ensure the true results.

The high court ruled Saturday that the national vote should be given first priority, in line with Pakistani law.

The decision comes as several parties, including the PML-N, argue that they should be given a chance to fight the election in preference to the other candidates.

The high court is due to hear arguments next week on whether to order a full recount of the votes.

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