Panasonic brings Disney+ app to TVs from 2017 – Picture and sound – News

“My Shield TV comes out of sleep mode faster than my TV. Plus, it turns everything on and off with one button, thanks to a Harmony universal remote.”

That is totally irrelevant, or are you going to watch a movie with the TV off?
Anyway the TV has to be on anyway, so wait you may be faster with boot despite your Shield.
Btw this is not so the smart TV starts almost instantly, it will differ per brand.

“if support stops, I’ll just go back to my NUC.”
That is a Windows machine, of which the support is in principle endless, certainly considerably more than a Shield, as long as you don’t suddenly change your requirements like to 8k, 16k whatever it will not become obsolete, Microsoft has an enormously long support.

And yes, the TVs of the past with a Kont usually last much longer, an LCD TV loses its backlight light output, image quality of a 12-year-old TV is no longer comparable than when you bought it.

Here the TVs became so dark at a certain point that I could darken the room or the colors are suddenly a lot less, CRT didn’t really have that ailment.

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