Patrick Dempsey: – New details about the “Grey’s” exit

After eleven seasons of hospital drama, the love story between Meredith Grey og Derek Sheperd, when the latter left «Grey’s Anatomy».

In 2005, the first episode of The ABC drama series aired on American television, and it immediately became a great success.

Already in the first episode, Dr. Derek Sheperd, played by the Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey (55), introduced. He was later to start a relationship with the rotating doctor Meredith Gray, played by Ellen Pompeo (51), and through several seasons the duo’s ups and downs captured the viewers.

In season eleven, the popular TV doctor was in a dramatic car accident in which he lost his life. Thus, “McDreamy”, as the character was often called, was history.

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However, following his exit from the hit series, which was a shock to fans, a number of revelations have come to light.


In a new book, “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” written by Lynette Rice, the author will reveal the real reason why Dempsey left the series. It reports New York Post.

In the book, Rice describes in detail the relationship between the actress and series creator Shonda Rhimes (51), and in an excerpt, published by The Hollywood Reporter, it is claimed that the 55-year-old “terrorized” the recording set.

It says, among other things, that “Grey’s Anatomy” producer James D. Parriott was brought in to help with the firing of Dempsey:

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“It was an HR problem, and not sexual in any way. He terrorized the set. Someone in the castgen got PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder journ.anm.) because of him. He had some sort of control over the set, and he knew he could stop the productthe show at any time and scare people. (…) I think he finished the show ».

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That’s what Parriott says in the book.

He further added that Dempsey did not like the fact that he had to meet at work every day, and that he and Rhimes were in each other’s quarrels.

Can not complain

The book also includes a quote from “McDreamy” himself regarding his behavior on set:

“It’s ten months, fifteen hours a day. You never know your schedule, so when your child asks you “what do you do on Monday?”, You have to say “I do not know”, because you do not know your schedule. Doing so for eleven years is challenging. But you have to be grateful because you are well compensated, so you do not really have the right to complain. You have no control over your schedule, so you just have to be flexible ».

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Another of the series’ producers, Jeannine Renshaw, stated that Rhimes finally saw the actor’s bad behavior with his own eyes, and that it must have been the last straw.

The creator of the series is supposed to have given the broadcasting network an ultimatum: either Dempsey had to go, or she went herself. Thus stopped the adventure of the popular doctor in «Grey’s Anatomy».

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