Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson: head-to-head record, stats for 2021 superstar QB duel

The stars will align and collide on Sunday night.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson are irrevocably linked in NFL history to be two of the league’s most explosive young passer who revolutionized the way QB’s position is. played.

It’s only slightly hyperbolic: Mahomes, in just three years as a Chiefs starter, is posting numbers that no QB ever has as a passer. Jackson, entering third year as a starter, is a defenses nightmare with his ridiculous ability to run.

Both players are best suited to ‘Madden’ and do things only video games can do, but Mahomes has had the upper hand in the rivalry – both wins and stats – since in their lead encounters – headed.

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Patrick Mahomes’ record against Lamar Jackson

With their fourth face-to-face Sunday night, the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes currently hold a 3-0 record over Lamar Jackson and the Ravens since 2018.

While the two don’t play against each other on the pitch, here’s how their numbers have stacked up in previous clashes:

Year Score final Muhammad statistics Jackson Statistics
2018 27-24, Chefs (OT) 35-53, 377 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, -3 yards au sol 13-24, 147 yards, 2 touchdowns, 67 rushing yards
2019 33-28, chefs 27-37, 374 yards, 3 TDs, 9 rushing yards 22-43 267 yards, 46 yards to the ground, 1 TD
2020 34-20, Chefs 31-42, 384 yards, 4 TDs, 26 yards or sol, 1 TD 15-28, 97 yards, 1 TD, 83 yards or sol

Patrick Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson stats

Mahomes’ first full year as a starter coincided with the year Jackson was drafted (2018). Jackson got his first action in 2018, but wasn’t the full starter until his winning campaign MVP 2019.

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Here’s how their numbers match up to Sunday Night Round 4:

Mahomes Statistical Jackson
47 Games 47
39-8 Save 30-8
14 489 Overtaking sites 7 320
117 Passage of TD 69
24 INT 18
826 Precipitation course 2 992
7 Hurried TDs 19
124 Total des DT 88

Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes: who’s faster?

While Mahomes isn’t necessarily known as a first quarterback, he’s also not exactly a slacker who directs the ball. While he doesn’t have the blazing speed of Jackson, he recorded a running time of 4.8 seconds over 40 yards at the NFL Combine in 2017, not exactly proving he’s standing still.

Although Jackson did not race at the NFL Combine in 2018, he clocked 4.34 seconds 40 at the Louisville “Speed ​​Day” that year, making him one of the fastest quarterbacks. , if not the fastest, in the NFL.

Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes: who is better?

Uh… push?

Jackson’s question against Mahomes comes down to what you enjoy about an NFL quarterback: The two quarterbacks are vastly different when it comes to style of play. The Mahomes-led offense, designed by Andy Reid, is more of a downstream attack focused on the passer’s big play potential. Along with the Ravens, Jackson and John Harbaugh have been a primarily managed team first and have been the best ground attack in football over the past two seasons.

It is important to note, above all, that the two players have also been in totally different attacking situations since entering the league. Under OC Greg Roman, the Ravens’ offense is primarily a top team, not relying on the pass unless they’re playing behind, something Jackson and the Ravens aren’t used to. That, of course, led to prolific running numbers for Jackson, who has nearly 3,000 rushing yards as the QB entering Sunday night’s game.

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On the other side, Mahomes’ pairing with Andy Reid has been a game in football heaven. The powerfully-wielded quarterback has a rocket launcher for one arm and is movable, allowing Reid’s offenses to fully unlock. The attack on the first pass earned Mahomes an MVP and a Super Bowl ring, the latter that Jackson is still looking for.

There’s also the issue of offensive weapons: Mahomes has had a true elite support team of receivers, while Jackson’s squad has not been as effective or dominant as the Chiefs in recent years. While Jackson has received a lot of criticism for his throwing abilities, this is in part a byproduct of not having to play from behind in their running pattern first and their lack of weapons. .

Lets talk about a fun water cooler, but it comes down to what you enjoy.

Safe to say, quarterbacks, teams, and fan bases value wins more than anything else.

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