Pd MEPs against Casapound: “No to the march on May 28 in Rome, enough fascists in Europe”

BRUSSELS. “Enough” with Casapound in Italy, and “enough” with all the fascist movements and organizations in Europe. In the European Parliament, the pot is full for some. The delegation of the Democratic Party intends to put a stop to increasingly problematic realities, and calls for the creation of “a European observatory on far-right phenomena present in Europe”. An unprecedented stance, justified by a situation now considered out of control. “Since the outbursts of neo-fascists and neo-Nazis are widespread throughout Europe, we must mobilize concretely”, write the Pd MEPs, who will discuss this and their request with the president of the Eurochamber, Roberta Metsola. A meeting not yet scheduled, but already requested.

In the sights of the Italian MEPs of the S&D group, in particular Casapound. From Brussels comes the invitation to the Ministry of the Interior, the Prefecture of Rome and the city authorities to “prevent the illegal gathering of an association that openly refers to fascism.” The event promoted by the turtle association for May 28th is specifically contested. “He does so by returning to attack the Italian journalist Paolo Berizzi, the only one in Europe under guard for years for threats from right-wing extremists, stating” whoever does not participate is a Berizzi “”, underline the signatories of the initiative, in the one that denounces it becomes a real condemnation.

It is not the first time that Casapound has broken into the political debate of the European Parliament. In October 2018, the House adopted a resolution against neo-fascist violence in Europe. In this text, “in particular the recent attack by the fascist teams of CasaPound against Eleonora Forenza, the MEP, her assistant Antonio Perillo and others who took part in an anti-fascist demonstration on 21 September 2018 in Bari, Italy ». Nor is it new that MEPs raise the issue of the far right and its violent side.

In October 2021, the Chamber held a debate without votes or resolutions, again on the violence of the far right in the light of the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL in Rome. A debate criticized by the right-wing forces in Strasbourg, which reacted by speaking of a “partial” debate. Today the stance destined to cause discussion.

Now in the European Parliament the Italians of the Social Democrats group decide that it is time to go beyond debates and non-legislative resolutions. The observatory intends to bring together experts and scholars to “prepare a dossier to be presented to the European Parliament”. It is time to “stop this havoc on freedom and democracy” of Europe that right-wing extremism brings with it.

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