Péter Szijjártó may find himself in an awkward position due to his Russian vaccination

You may be in an awkward position Péter Szijjártó Foreign Minister who is the People’s Word information he said he would like to attend the 76th session of the 76th UN General Assembly in person, starting Monday, but could prevent him from being vaccinated against the coronavirus with a Russian vaccine.

The minister received the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in March, which has not been accepted in several countries around the world since then. It has not yet been authorized by the European Medicines Agency, the United Nations Health Organization (WHO), or the U.S. health authority. The WHO announced just last week that the approval of the drug would be suspended indefinitely because they see no guarantee that no contamination may enter the ampoule during manufacture.

However, only those who have a vaccine recognized by either the WHO or the US authorities can attend the UN General Assembly in person – this was confirmed by the US State Department in response to the paper’s question. Although a negative PCR test not older than three days is in principle enough for someone to travel to the United States, the City of New York, which hosts the General Assembly, and the United Nations itself have made stricter rules in their own right.

According to this, only persons with a recognized, authorized vaccination may attend the general meeting in person.

True, the UN has left a loophole: a vaccination point will be set up on the spot, so that even Peter Szijjártó can vaccinate himself with some kind of Western vaccine. Despite the fact that the paper contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case, they did not receive answers to their questions.


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