Petkov and Vassilev to bTV: If MRF and GERB admit to corruption, we can work together

“The ambition we have is to have 121 people in the next National Assembly to work with, so that in the next parliament we do not see what we saw in the past, but have a step forward.”

This was stated exclusively in “120 minutes” by the creators of the new political project “We continue the change” – former caretaker ministers Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev. The two allowed themselves to work even with the MRF and GERB, as long as they acknowledged the corrupt model of government in recent years.

“There are people from the whole palette. We should not be divided on the left and right, on honest and dishonest people. In the next parliament, our common task is to have 121 people with whom we can work, “he added.

According to them, the goal is to have zero corruption and stop the thefts. “If there is a meaningful plan, the most diverse people can unite and support it. I saw it with the budget, the update passed without an MP from the official cabinet. The truth is that from almost all political forces of the budget committee there were constructive proposals “, added Vassilev.

Search beparty / Search (whether) be messiah

The two explained that so far they have talked to seven small parties that will be the mandate holder of their project. They have two conditions – not to ask for money and not to have offers for the lists.

For candidates from their project, they must meet the following criteria:

  • To sign a contract for integrity (to show their financial balance);
  • To have a good career outside of politics;
  • His name should not be involved in scandals;
  • Not to have been in more than one party;
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Petkov assured that all candidates will be thoroughly checked.

“When the proposal is like this: ‘Trust us, support us, you have seen what we can do. Be part of the change. There are many parties that say, “No, no – this is not for us.” But there are several parties that said, “Well, yes, we are ready to be part of the change,” Petkov explained.

Regarding the meeting with the leader of “Ekoglasnost” Emil Georgiev, Petkov said: “My father was once part of” Ekoglasnost “. He was one of the people who made the living chains around the National Assembly. In my head, the Ecoglasnost brand was a brand of change, and when a friend of mine said, “Meet them,” I thought of my father. “

They explained that the name of the party holding the mandate will become clear in a few days, noting that this is not the MIR party.

(Im) possible coalitions

Asked if they would work with the MRF, Vassilev said: “If the MRF says: ‘Yes,’ Magnitsky ‘is the true expression of what is happening in Bulgaria. Yes, Mr. Peevski has indeed overdue several laws. Yes, there are bad practices and corruption, and we are ready to give up this way of doing business and politics. ” Then – maybe.

According to Petkov, the same goes for GERB. “If GERB says: ‘We made a huge mistake by putting BGN 630 million without public procurement.’ If they say, “We’re sorry we didn’t even have building permits for the dams.” If they say: “It was wrong to spend BGN 190 million to make a government complex.” (…) Then – why not “, added Petkov.

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The former caretaker Minister of Economy added that he sees many like-minded people from the right spectrum and would work with them. He assumed that he would work with more people from “Stand up BG! We are coming “and BSP, Mika Zaykova from” There is such a people “also mentioned.


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