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Updated on 09/17/2021 10:53 am

Pfizer Inc. noted that data from the United States and Israel suggest that the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine decreases over time, and that a booster dose is safe and effective in warding off the virus and new variants.

The company detailed the data in a presentation it will deliver to a meeting to be held on Friday of external advisers from the Food and Drug Administration.

The panel is expected to make recommendations on whether more Americans should receive booster shots.

Real-world data from Israel and the United States suggest that infection rates in inoculated people are increasing faster in those who have been vaccinated earlier.”Noted Pfizer in its presentation, which was posted on the FDA website.

The reduction in effectiveness is due to “mainly to a weakening of the immune responses of the vaccine over time“Rather than the delta variant, the Pfizer researchers said in the presentation.

According to a meeting agenda that the FDA posted on its website, in addition to Pfizer’s presentation, Friday’s panel will include presentations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FDA staff, and researchers from Israel and the United Kingdom.

Experts from Israel will offer data from that country on booster protection against contagion and serious disease, according to the agenda, while a professor of medical statistics at the University of Bristol will release data on the efficacy of the vaccine in The real world.


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