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On the evening of Thursday, November 25, the next cycle of the entertaining culinary show “Almost Perfect Dinner” ended on TV3, and the last evening of this week turned out to be really fun.

Musician Ralph Eiland welcomed his new friends, the leader of the group “Astro’n’out” Mars Upmanis-Holstein, actress Rēzija Kalniņš and journalist Ralfs Dravnieks in a communal apartment and had not only prepared a unique menu, but also surprised with various activities. “I like humor, but I have difficulty with black humor,” said Mara, learning that Ralph had decided to decorate the table with grave candles.

The guests had high hopes that Ralph would really entertain them, and he was not disappointed. For example, the company was occasionally missed by one of the members of Ralph’s apartment, but the guests did not feel disturbed, even happy.

“I’m a little confused, but I like it here – I have a positive culture shock,” Mara shared her feelings, but Rēzija compared the events at the dinner at Ralph to the experience in the popular video “Communal Blues”. “That’s exactly when Igo filmed her clip, and this one is beautiful, I like it,” admitted the actress.

In the snack, Eilands served “traditional Riga hinkalas with the chef’s special sauce” as well as “a delicious snack plate that includes oven-baked potato plates, traditional homemade cheese”.

When Dravnieks saw the snack, it was immediately clear what the evening would look like. But Rezia acknowledged that this is the dream of any student.

Before starting the second meal, the guests were surprised by a courier with flowers and lines of poetry, which were received by the ladies in different ways: the performance seemed wonderful to Mara, but banal to Rezia.

At the main course, the host served fried and cooked sausages with “salad”, “Snake” and “traditional homemade pasta with sharps”. “The mail was so terrible,” said Mara. Dravnieks, on the other hand, praised Eyland for the courage to bring the following dishes to the table: “What he taught characterizes his level of courage.”

As entertainment for the evening, Ralph offered his new friends to scratch off lottery tickets, and the biggest success came to Māra, who won 10 euros. “I didn’t like the entertainment. I don’t like to lose if the person sitting next to me wins, ”Dravnieks revealed.

For dessert, the musician served “special Ralph sweet burgers with dessert fondue and sweet ricotta cheese filling”. “Not everyone can take such a simple dish with a posture, Ralph can do it,” Mara admitted. “He is not ashamed, he does it with pomp. We try to look better than we do every day. ”

At the end of the evening, the host himself admitted that he felt like a winner, because none of the guests left dinner and everyone liked everything.

Rēzija, Māra and the other Ralph rated the visit to Eiland with 84 points, but Rēzija and Māra received the most points this week. Rēzija decided that Māra won the main prize.


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