PlayStation 5 prices fall among scalpers

The PlayStation 5 is still just as difficult to buy as Sony fails to produce enough to meet demand. Result: the scalpers are having a blast … Even if the resale price of the console tends to drop.

Launched last November, the PlayStation 5 is still just as complicated to buy. Stocks are scarce and when a sign announces availability, it is stormed by scalpers who pounce on the models for sale with techniques that allow them to scavenge many units, in the face of honest buyers. .

Decrease of about 30%

This practice has always existed, every time a product is successful it is the target of those scalpers who then resell the devices at much higher prices, thus making easy profits. However, this has been less the case for some time. According to Forbes, the prices of the PS5 (standard version, with the Blu-ray player) have fallen by 30% since the peak in November 2020.

Thus, a PS5 offered at 1,000 dollars during this peak no longer costs “only” 715 dollars. It’s still much higher than the retail price of $ 499, but it still represents a very noticeable drop. And the same goes for the digital version of the console, which has also gone from $ 1,000 to $ 700 (for a retail price of $ 399).

These figures come from the database of the StockX marketplace, which specializes in the secondary market. Resellers have also found that the “new” version of the PS5, one equipped with a revised heat sink, left at the same price as the “old” version. Buyers don’t know the difference between the two.

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No one will pity the scalpers for this drop in prices, but for the average consumer, the price of the PS5 remains quite high in the secondary market while availability still does not improve!

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