Polestar 5 first appeared to the world. She looks famous

Polestar has chosen an original marketing method to entice the public to its upcoming Gran Turismo Polestar 5. It is gradually publishing episodes of the series Precept: from Concept to Car on YouTube, showing the gradual transformation of the Precept concept into the serial Polestar 5. In its last, third part, the complete look of this ambitious, sporty electric car. It will go against the flow, in which most carmakers have gradually phased out similar, attractive but not very practical models. But Polestar does things so differently that a similar dive could pass him.

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Polestar 5 will enter the arena in 2024 and is perceived as a future competitor of Tesla Model S, Lucida Air or Porsche Taycan. However, the Precept concept is significantly smaller than them, the difference in length of about 30 cm represents the difference in class. We do not yet know the dimensions (as well as almost any other details) of the production Polestar 5, but if they adhere to similar proportions, it is more likely that it will go down the neck of cars of caliber BMW i4 or a possible electric equivalent of Audi A5.

You can still see something about the details of the serial version from the video. For example, the replacement of the original rear-facing rear doors without a B-pillar is still a more conventional classic solution, and also the replacement of exterior cameras with more conventional rear-view mirrors. The dimensions of the wheels also seem less extreme at first glance. Otherwise, however, the shapes adhered to a very bold concept, incredibly faithfully, we will see, perhaps in the next parts of the series, how much is left of the boldly designed interior. After all, the reality of production costs can also strangle seemingly bottomless Chinese money pipelines.

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