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In California, an incident occurred late on Thursday evening, which, in variations, has repeatedly caused Twitter discussions. That was the case this time too, and even CEO Elon Musk stepped in briefly: A Tesla was driving on a highway near Los Angeles with what her husband said was an unconscious woman at the wheel. After a collision with subsequent driving, a police car sat in front of the Model 3 and braked it to a standstill. Musk later found that the autopilot system might have saved the lives of the woman and others.

Helicopter films Tesla stop maneuvers

About the incident The TV station ABC7 reported firstwho also immediately sent a helicopter. Accordingly, the police were alerted by the husband of the woman at the Tesla control. He is reported to have said that she is unconscious and the car drives itself. Before that, the Tesla had rammed the boundary of the right shoulder. Apparently, the autopilot system was activated at the time of the call, but whether this was already the case during the collision is not clear from the report.

In the helicopter video, however, you can see how the Model 3 is brought to a very gentle stop by the police. One of several emergency vehicles with blue lights sits down in front of the Tesla, which is now in the left lane, and then begins to brake. This trick is likely to be well known in Tesla’s homeland, California, and has already been shown dramatized in a TV series: When the car in front of you slows down, the Tesla assistant also brakes to a standstill.

This also works with the Model 3, which has now been stopped by the police. To be on the safe side, the driver of the car then maneuvers a little and stands diagonally over both lanes before turning to the Tesla driver. She was arrested and later accused of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances, according to the ABC7 report.

Autopilot system as a lifesaver?

Apparently no one was injured in the event, and a Twitter observer, who already has his closeness to Tesla in its name, said the autopilot had saved the woman’s life. A similar case in Norway recently went off lightly. there a Model S was filmed with a sleeping driver, which first drove a bit on the motorway and then stopped in a tunnel with the hazard warning lights switched on – i.e. without the intervention of the police. Some saw it as a sign of the advantages of Tesla’s driving assistant for road safety, others the opposite, because it made intoxicated driving easier and inviting.

Twitter was similarly divided on the current case – but this time Tesla CEO Musk gave a rating himself. Not surprisingly, he chose the positive interpretation by @ ray4tesla and others. With a brief “exactly” he agreed that not only the unconscious woman, but also other road users would have been killed without the autopilot system.

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