Policewoman apparently shoots her ex and new friend


October 14, 2021 – 6:30 p.m. clock

Policewoman ambushed the couple in the apartment

In New York, a policewoman apparently shot her ex-girlfriend and her new partner out of jealousy. Three weeks after the breakup, the NYPD officer was probably lying in wait for the new couple in her ex’s apartment. The emergency call that was made from the apartment paints a merciless picture of the alleged perpetrator.

“I told you: don’t mess with me!”

Yvonne W. is said to have ambushed her ex on Wednesday evening in the apartment of her former partner. How the policewoman gained access to the apartment is currently unclear.

In the apartment W. apparently fired four shots at her ex-girlfriend and her new partner. According to media reports, on the emergency call that one of the women made from the apartment, you can hear a woman threatening: “I told you: don’t mess with me!” Another woman calls out: “No, please don’t!” Then four shots should be heard on the recording.

Victim dies in hospital

When the police arrived at the scene, they found two women seriously injured in the apartment. W’s ex-girlfriend is said to have been lying in the bedroom with a gunshot wound in the upper body, and her new partner was shot in the chest. The 24-year-old died in the hospital, Ws Ex is no longer in mortal danger.

W. presented himself to the arriving police officer in front of the house. Michael Kemper of the New York police told local media that she had declared “calmly and composed” that she had shot “someone” in the house. “We are treating this terrible incident as a murder case,” explained Kemper.

Separation after two years of relationship

According to the police, W. and her ex-girlfriend were together for two years before they separated three weeks ago. As a police officer, the alleged perpetrator should never have attracted negative attention. It is currently unclear whether she carried out the act with her service weapon.


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