Polka woke up in the middle of the operation, she felt everything. She judged a million

After an unplanned awakening, the patient was overwhelmed by a wave of pain and at the same time she was completely helpless. The means that put her to consciousness stopped working, but the substances that paralyzed her muscles continued to work, so the woman was unable to scream for help while the operation continued for another 30 minutes – without anesthesia or at least numbness.

“I felt locked in a coffin. It was scary, ”said Beata Szulcová from Świecie, located in northern Poland, describing the traumatic experience. “At first I wondered if I was alive at all,” she added, adding that “it’s very dark inside a man.”

“Forensic experts who examined the circumstances of the case of a prematurely awakened patient in the operating room said that the amount of anesthetics administered by the anesthesiologist was incorrect,” Sylwia Suská-Obidowská, a spokeswoman for the residence court, told medonet.pl.

According to TVN 24, the anesthesiologist admitted in court that she noticed that the patient’s hand moved slightly, but chose to ignore it. “She claimed that she was in a hurry, that she stopped writing a pen, that she wanted to go to the toilet, and all this happened during the operation,” said lawyer Aneta Naworská.

“The human body is a complicated mechanism and it is not always possible to predict how it will react under certain circumstances. Every operation carries a risk, ”said Tomasz Lawrynowicz, director of the Świece Hospital where the patient was operated on. “We wanted to clarify everything with the patient, but she refused to meet with us,” he added.

The doctor did not believe her, she fought for compensation for seven years

According to her, the doctor admitted that no one in the operating room wanted to believe the patient that she felt everything that was happening to her for almost the entire operation.

“There was a stunning silence. The hall was completely dismayed, and I suspect they didn’t know what to say. But then the doctor said what I was saying, ”the former patient recalled the moment when she could reveal what had happened. She then fought for compensation for another seven years.

The verdict is not yet final, but the defense is said to be able to challenge the opinions of experts, according to which the patient received anesthesia in the wrong amount.

The current director of the clinic declined to comment on whether the anesthesiologist was still working at the hospital and whether she had any consequences for her failure, TVN 24 added.

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