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Forget your passwords. Now you can have the ease of group them in one place to make it easier and easier to access your bank accounts, social networks and other types of online services. All this thanks to password managers.

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It is difficult to remember all the keys to our digital services, so we are prone to incur the serious mistake to create the same password for all our networks, or to write easily accessible references such as birthdays, family names, pet names and particular tastes.

Protect the keys of your social networks with password managers.

This is a mistake that, without a doubt, charges very dearly hackers, They can access all of our personal and financial information due to overly predictable passwords.

This problem is easily solvable if we access a service of password manager, because these tools group all our keys in a single database in order to save them, analyze them and provide an encrypted code for all their online services.

In other words, your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook login codes are kept in a ‘safe’. To access them, you must enter the ‘magic’ number granted by the password manager. Only then will you be able to see all the keys you created to access any service.

With this tool, you may have difficult and complex passwords, but you only need to remember one: the one that opens the ‘vault’ of codes.

Understood this, we recommend some applications that you can use to make use of this digital security service.

Robo Form

This app can be installed in your computer’s browser as a extension. Includes unlimited income to the manager and synchronize all your devices through your profile. This service is free, but if you want to access the premium version you must pay 125 thousand pesos a year.

The free version authorizes the manager to access their social networks and autofill the password space, depending on the service you are using. This tool is the most basic on the market, but it is useful for those who are beginning to enter this world of digital security.

Robo Form

Robo Form application logo, which is available for the computer’s browser.


Robo Form official page

One password

One Password

Logo of the One Password application, which does not have a free version.


Official One Password page

This service is famous in all operating systems, but it is recognized in devices with iOS and macOs.

Protect logins, notes, credit card keys, and more.

The characteristic of this application is that it has security verification in two steps, biometric access and encryption AES-256, one of the safer of the market, according to the technology portal ‘Hard Zone’.

It should be noted that it does not have a free version and its price starts from 11 thousand pesos. However, it does have a 30-day free trial where you can see whether or not it is a good option for your security.

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Last Pass

Last Pass is the application that offers more options and services in its free version, but if you want more advanced options, like sharing passwords and encrypted storage in the cloud, you can pay a cost of 15 thousand pesos per month.

The initial version allows you to generate unlimited login credentials, automatic password generator, multi-factor authentication, and cross-platform synchronization.

Last Pass

Logo of the Last Pass application, which is classified as one of the best ‘apps’ in its field.


Last Pass official page

Although it is classified as one of the best password managers on the market, ‘Last Pass’ has caused mistrust due to a hack of which they were victims in early 2020.

The problem was solved quickly, but it left a bitter taste among users of this type of service.

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Password generator logo ‘Dashlane’.


Dashlane official page

It is recommended by some technology portals as the best in design, accessibility and use.

It is designed for those who buy online, since it saves all kinds of Credit cards and debt in your ‘safe’.

In addition, it is compatible with all browsers and platforms on the market.

It has a digital wallet, password generator, automatic autofill function and a safety report of the keys, an important option since they are constantly being checked to prevent hackers from selling their passwords to computer thieves on the ‘dark web’.

The free version allows you to save up to 50 passwords of a device, but if you want more functions you will have to pay 18 thousand pesos a month for the unlimited synchronization service, priority technical support and even a VPN.

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