Possibility of supremacy except for Jo Su-jin Honam… Lee Jun-seok Avoiding hasty election prospects

National power leadership, nervous battle over situation analysis

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok and Supreme Councilor Jo Su-jin fought a nerve war between the leadership over the prospects for the June 1 local elections, which was a week away on the 25th.

In a Facebook post on the same day, Representative Lee Jun-seok of People’s Power said, “Please refrain from mentioning ‘how many to what number of regional group heads (People’s Power vs. Democratic Party-elect)’”

“Election-related opinion polls and analysis of the situation analyzed by the party itself are shared by only three people,” said Lee. pointed out

“Our party is running on its feet to elect at least one basic group leader or even one more local councilor,” he said.

Earlier, in an interview with the media, there were interpretations from inside and outside the party that Cho was aimed at showing confidence, saying, “I can win except in the Honam region” and “I can win all 7 seats (by-election).”

On the previous day, Chosun Ilbo’s YouTube ‘Bae Seong-gyu and Bae So-bin’s Politics Punch’ showed Chosun Ilbo’s YouTube channel, Chosun Ilbo, affirming the prospect of winning the national election, except for Honam and some, saying, “There is talk of a possibility in Jeju.

We will also give meaningful numbers in three places in Honam.”

He said, “The by-election for the National Assembly member is also closely related to the election for the regional head of the regional group.” He said, “(After the disastrous defeat in the 2020 general election), we won the Seoul mayor by-election for the first time in a year. I look forward to it,” he said.

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Regarding the Incheon by-election in Gyeyang-eul, where Lee Jae-myung, a permanent advisor of the ruling Democratic Party, was running, he said, “I heard a report on the analysis of the situation at the closed meeting of the People’s Power Central Election Countermeasures Committee, and I heard that it was worth trying in Gyeyang-eul.”

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