PPKM Extended by Two Weeks, Java Bali Zero Level 4

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Government officially extends the implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) based on the level on the island Java-Bali for two weeks.

However, Coordinating Minister Marve Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan stated that in the extension there were no more regions with level 4 in the Java-Bali PPKM implementation.

“From various improvements, there are no more regencies/cities at level 4 in Java-Bali. All are at level 3-2,” said the PPKM Java-Bali commander in a press conference, Monday (20/9) evening.

The government has stated that it will continue to implement PPKM in Java-Bali and outside Java-Bali as long as the corona virus has not completely disappeared. The implementation of PPKM in Java-Bali will be evaluated once a week and outside Java-Bali every two weeks. Luhut said PPKM will forever be the government’s instrument in controlling Covid-19 in the country.

“The president in this morning’s meeting reminded us all, so that we remain vigilant and careful. Many countries have risen again after a while [kasusnya] quickly. We must be aware of this. The risk of increasing cases is high and can occur at any time,” said Luhut.

Despite continuing to enforce PPKM, the government has also relaxed restrictions in a number of areas. The government has begun to allow various public facilities to operate, such as malls, playgrounds, recreation areas, markets, and cinemas.

Places of worship also began to open. Meanwhile vaccination continues to be boosted. The opening of various facilities was accompanied by the implementation of strict health protocols, one of which was the requirement to have at least the first dose of vaccination.

On a different occasion, the Government is also wary of the possibility of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, said the alert was related to the conditions in a number of countries that were facing the third wave of coronavirus attacks.

“We have to be vigilant and stay disciplined about health protocols so that we don’t get a third wave or a third spike in the next few months,” Wiku said at a press conference, Tuesday (14/9).


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