Pregnancy register, obligation to report pregnancy. Government plans. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski comments

The planned creation of the so-called pregnancy registry in the Medical Information System has been “interpreted in some strange way” – said health minister Adam Niedzielski on Wednesday. He added that information about pregnancy is important primarily in the context of medications that can be taken by the patient, and the appearance of information about pregnancies results from the “process of switching from paper to electronic record” in documenting the health condition of citizens.


Senator Krzysztof Brejza published a document on social media, which he addressed to the minister of health as a result of senatorial intervention. It is about the provision in the draft amendment on the Medical Information System, which – as Brejza writes – assumes that “from January 2022, service providers providing health services financed from public funds, but also commercially implementing them, will be required to report the fact of pregnancy to the Medical Information System. in a patient “.

On Wednesday, the government’s e-Health Center issued a statement on the matter. It reads that “the need to report and obtain information about pregnancy is dictated by medical considerations.” “In addition, the use of information about pregnancy is necessary to verify additional entitlements, such as the entitlement of pregnant women to receive free medicines or the right to access benefits out of sequence” – added Centrum e-Zdrowie.

Draft amendment to the regulation on the detailed scope of data of a medical event processed in the information system and the method and dates of transferring this data to the Medical Information System

Pregnancy register. Niedzielski: a strange interpretation

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski was asked about the purposefulness of these changes at the Wednesday press conference. He replied that “this idea has been interpreted in some strange way.”

He added that “the standard of keeping records about a patient is recording information about his health”. – We are dealing with a situation where we move from information written on paper in a traditional patient card to IT, digital solutions that save exactly the same information in an electronic version. In this respect, the regulation, which extends the scope of the documentation used, says that one of the medical “records” is the question of whether a woman is pregnant, which is obvious as each patient card contains important information relating to, inter alia, medications that can be used. Because it is known that pregnant women cannot use all medications, so this is key information in the therapeutic process – said the head of the Ministry of Health.

He also referred to the comments on this matter that appeared on the side of opposition politicians. Senate Marshal Tomasz Grodzki from the Civic Platform said, inter alia, that the rulers want to “turn women into machines for reproduction”.

Niedzielski said that he received “a kind of campaign on the subject” with great surprise. – As far as I understand the ignorance of the subject on the part of Senator Brejza, I am very surprised that Marshal Grodzki, who is a doctor with a very long experience, does not notice that it is the process of switching from paper to electronic recording – he added.

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