Presidential 2022: if elected, Anne Hidalgo will initiate “major salary negotiations” as a first measure

“There is a problem of wages in France.” This Tuesday morning on BFMTVAnne Hidalgo spoke of her first measure, the one she will try to put in place upon her arrival at the Elysee Palace, if the mayor of Paris, the PS’s presidential candidate, was indeed elected President of the Republic. “I would increase salaries”, announced Anne Hidalgo. The mayor of Paris believes that “housing”, “health” and “studies” are too expensive for the popular and middle classes “who drop out”.

For the candidate, “putting the French in a situation where they can live with dignity from their work” is therefore the priority of the coming five-year term. A nod to the social movements that have been heard in recent years in Paris, like the yellow vests. Among the demonstrators, many people from the small middle class, who feel forgotten by the decisions of the State, in particular because of a feeling of declining purchasing power.

Anne Hidalgo is making income her campaign theme for her first days in the race – she declared herself a candidate on September 12. A few days later, she announced that she wanted to double the salaries of teachers during her five-year term. A proposal that she reiterated this morning, adding that “at the very least, we will have to align the salaries of teachers who start at bac + 5 with the salaries of bac + 5 in the country. “.

A theme and a method

The PS candidate also draws the outlines of her method, if she succeeds at the head of state: “I will engage with the unions, at the inter-professional level and at the level of the branches of wage negotiations”. “I would apply to the question of wages, what I apply to the rest. Discussion, negotiation, consultation. And that all French people get involved in their future, ”she repeated.

Anne Hidalgo thus tries to distinguish herself from Emmanuel Macron, regularly accused of being too vertical and of governing alone. It refers in particular to the approach of the Head of State regarding a possible speed limit on the roads. “Jupiterism has led us to say that we must regulate every detail of the life of the French very high”, judge Anne Hidalgo. If she is in favor of this measure, she refutes a “unilateral decision, in an office”.

Among the other subjects discussed, security: Anne Hidalgo mentioned the rue Riquet, where drug addicts and dealers gather in Paris. “The Ministry of the Interior and the Paris police prefect are not playing their role.” For the candidate, the fight against drugs goes through “the establishment of places of care”, potentially near “hospitals”. During her tenure as Mayor, she made shooting rooms her priority to stem the epidemic of crack cocaine users in Paris. And those despite great reluctance from the opposition and residents.

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