“Preventative” against new services on the Sony PS platform?Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass slashes prices

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Microsoft’s game subscription service “Xbox Game Pass” on the Xbox platform announced a major price cut, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which will change from the existing monthly fee of NT$459 to NT$299, while Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC Game Pass will be available from 320 yuan, down to 199 yuan, and the new price will be calculated from February this year.

Microsoft pointed out that the price cut by one-third this time is mainly to review the changes introduced by players in various countries. In addition, although the price has changed, the subscription content remains unchanged, mainly to allow players to experience hundreds of games on PC or Xbox consoles at any time. The total annual fee starts at 2,388 yuan, which is nearly 2,000 yuan compared to the average masterpiece. It’s quite a bargain for players who play games a lot.

Interestingly, Xbox director Phil Spencer predicted earlier that the Sony PlayStation platform will also launch a similar game subscription service, and may even expand the PS subscription platform to the PC. This price adjustment seems to have an intention to respond in advance.

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At present, Sony PS also has its own subscription service “PlayStation Plus”. The monthly fee starts from NT$199, but the content is different from that of Xbox. It mainly provides monthly free games, gifts or discounts to players (the content varies), and supports many Game connection and cloud backup.

It is reported that Sony will launch a subscription service that integrates PlayStation Now (not available in Taiwan) and PlayStation Plus this spring, and the overall content is similar to Xbox Game Pass.

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