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PSG-Metz (1-0): the ratings of Parisian players

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Thomas Tuchel changed the form of his 4-4-2 this Wednesday against Metz (1-0), in the absence of Neymar and Mbappé, in particular. This return to a “flat” system has not led to any real improvement in Parisian entertainment…

Navas : 5. For his first game of the season after his fortnight and back pain, he had nothing to do, except a good anticipation in front of Niane (8th).

Age: 5. The meager attacking intentions of the Messins allowed him to often play in the opposing half of the field, but his crosses lacked precision. He was very close to scoring on a personal feat (83rd).

Marquinhos: 5. The new chief captain has often tried to make contact with the Metz attackers. He spent a fairly quiet evening, even if he had to deal with two hot situations in quick succession (76th).

Diallo: 3. The central defender honored his first tenure since January 26. He was warned from the outset for a “useful foul”. In difficulty in the duels, in lack of rhythm, he ended up cracking and committing an obstruction in front of Niane, on the point of overtaking him (65th, expulsion).

Bakker : 3. Established to blow Bernat, his technical shortcomings are glaring, as are his difficulties on the centers. Replaced by Bernat (63rd), released on injury.

Draxler: 6. His liberating goal in additional time rewards a performance that is a little more forward-looking than the previous ones. He could also have sent an assist to Icardi (77th).

Gueye : 5. The Senegalese midfielder is diligent in his defensive work and is keen to demonstrate his value at a time when rumors of departures stir the news. He is less comfortable in the decisive zone, like a low-level strike lacking bite and well captured by Oukidja (37th). Replaced by Fadiga (84th) for a sharp first appearance among the pros.

Herrera : 5. The Spanish midfielder found some good passes, like his masked transmission for Sarabia (32nd). He doesn’t take enough responsibility for building the game on a night when his team needs more creativity. Warned (56th).

Di Maria: 7. The Argentinian has multiplied the good centers and combinations. Little helped by his teammates who have in turn (Icardi, Draxler, Sarabia) poorly materialized his offerings, he could also have scored himself closely (9th) or on a mid-distance strike in the legs of the goalkeeper (78th ). The difference happened at one of its centers, of course.

Icardi: 5. Fairly mobile, he lacked precision in the finish, especially on two opportunities from the head (12th and 33rd). Above all, he missed an opportunity, alone 7 m from the cage by taking in the feet of the goalkeeper (77th). Finally involved on the goal.

Sarabia : 3. He lost a duel with Oukidja (14th) and hit above in a very good position (32nd). The matches follow each other and he fails to regain the efficiency he had when he was a simple joker, or even a useful impact. Replaced by Kimpembe (69th), author of a decisive tackle (89th).

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