Public Health says tests at San Juan beach pub are negative and outbreak cannot be attributed | Radio Alicante | Present

Public health has communicated to the Alicante City Council that the tests carried out on the workers of a pub on the city’s San Juan beach have yielded negative and explains that the place has been the object of this study because in an outbreak of Covid-19 detected in Elche, some affected had visited the establishment as a group for which he started the usual preventive follow-up protocol. In light of the results of the analysis, “the outbreak detected in Elche” cannot be attributed to said location.

In a communication received late in the afternoon on Thursday by the Alicante City Council, the Alicante Public Health Directorate realizes that all studies conducted in the pub have been negativeTherefore, no measure has to be applied to it or to its employees, beyond the public attending following the ordinary security measures established for this type of space.

In the writing it is reflected that “The outbreak detected in Elche” cannot be attributed to the local.

Discomfort in the Alicante Town Hall

Sources of the Alicante town hall have expressed their discomfort over what they have described as “lack of communication” with the Ministry of Health.

Previously, the information provided in a statement by the Ministry of Health assured that “it had been verified that the outbreak assigned” at first to the population of Sant Joan d’Alacant “ it belongs to the beach of San Juan de Alicante “.



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