Qatar, Arrested | Qatar claims NRK journalists entered the private area illegally

Qatar has in a press release explained why the NRK journalists were arrested.

On Wednesday morning, NRK journalists Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani Gardermoen arrived after being detained in Qatar for 30 hours. NRK will hold a press conference later Wednesday about the incident.

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In a press release, Qatar announces that NRK employees were arrested for illegally entering private property. You can read the press release at the bottom of the case.

– Got all permits

– The authorities arrested them at their hotel after reacting to a complaint from the owner of the private property that the NRK team entered illegally, Qatar writes in the press release.

– They had been given permission to film wherever they wanted in Qatar. They had been given all the permits to film as they wished before they arrived, and were offered meetings with representatives of the authorities. However, these freedoms do not trump ordinary law, which the team knowingly and willfully broke. One result of these offenses was that the team was temporarily arrested.

Source was arrested

Ekeland and Ghorbani arrived in Qatar on November 14. On November 15, they were to interview one of the critics of the regime in the country. He was arrested a few hours before the interview, Amnesty confirms to NRK.

See what Ekeland said at Gardermoen. The article continues below the video window.

Ekeland has made a number of critical reports about Qatar’s relationship with human rights and how the country was awarded the World Cup.

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Ekeland and Ghorbani were actually to return home to Norway on Sunday, but were arrested before departure. They were detained for 30 hours before being released. All their equipment was confiscated.

They left Qatar on Wednesday, and arrived in Norway on Wednesday morning.

The treatment of Norwegian journalists has received strong criticism here in Norway, where the arrests are linked to a lack of freedom of expression in Qatar.

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