Qonto’s solution for electronic invoicing

“Qonto is a company created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and every day we work to create the best product to meet their daily needs in corporate financial management. We are committed to supporting the growth of the European entrepreneurial ecosystem, in particular the Italian one, and we want to be close to the local tech communities of the countries in which we operate, not only to offer the best tailor-made solution, but also to provide added value to the ecosystem. local”. Alex Prot he is the managing director of Qonto, a French fintech startup founded in 2017. On Thursday 23 June he spoke at the LVenture demoday in Rome, speaking to the startups that had just completed the acceleration period.

Today Qonto has 220,000 customers in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Since its foundation, the company it raised 622 million euros by Valar, Alven, European Investment Bank, Tencent, DST Global, Tiger Global, TCV, Alkeon, Eurazeo, KKR, Insight Partners, Exor Seeds. Qonto’s solution wants simplify the process of generating and sharing ordinary invoiceswhich can be customized and managed directly within your Qonto account in line with the current legislation on electronic invoicing concerning companies and VAT numbers.

It is therefore no coincidence that the spotlights of Italian observers have turned on French fintech, in view of the start of the electronic invoicing obligation which in Italy will start from 1 July 2022 also for flat-rate taxpayers (the exclusion applies only to flat-rate taxpayers up to 25 thousand euros for which the obligation starts from 2024). Quonto is among the companies that at the moment have offered more or less innovative solutions to help companies in this step.

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Qonto’s solution for electronic invoicing

Whether it’s SMEs or freelancers, you can create, modify and send invoices in just a few clicks, by entering the necessary data according to the legislation, as well as customize the document by inserting your company logo. Invoices can be sent to end customers and to the Revenue Agency via the Exchange System. The platform will automatically track the status of invoices, providing better visibility on incoming and pending payments, and will report updates in the transmission process through the Exchange System and acceptance by the Revenue Agency. Furthermore, within the Qonto account it will be possible to view the invoices received through the Exchange System and make the payment.


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by Emanuele Capone

06 June 2022

“Through this new feature – Mariano Spalletti, Qonto Country Manager for Italy – we will be able to offer our customers an even more complete solution, which allows you to manage the billing process, in line with current legislation, in a simple and intuitive way and integrate banking and invoice management activities in a single platform, optimizing incoming and outgoing payments “.

Electronic invoicing in Italy is rapidly contributing to the digitalization and modernization process of companies, while at the same time favoring the development of an increasingly transparent and reliable commercial ecosystem for all parties involved. As in other countries, the introduction of electronic invoicing in Italy is taking place step by step, gradually extending the obligation of the professional audience who must comply with this regulation. As for professionals on a flat-rate basis, the date is precisely July 1st.

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