Rada did not understand why the judges in the dart Sparta with Jablonec handed out 12 yellow cards

Jablonec coach Petr Rada could not understand why referee Pavel Orel handed out 12 yellow cards in a duel of the 8th round of the first league with Prague’s Sparta (1: 1). According to him, the match was not tricky and he was afraid that the North Bohemians would not weaken in Letná. The former national team defender thinks that he would not last a minute on the field today.

“I’ve been playing football for twenty years, but I couldn’t play it today. If the referee can give 12 cards in a match that wasn’t tricky …. There were fights, some cards good, but 12 cards, well, don’t be mad at me. I wouldn’t play for a minute. After all, football is a contact sport where these fights have to be. It felt like we had 10 cards and we were playing on the edge, that suddenly after another fouls we would be eliminated by four players. After all, football would be useless. that someone was expelled somewhere in the 10th minute and suddenly it was after football, “ said the Council at a press conference.

“The fights weren’t tricky. In order for my cuff to get eight cards and the home four, don’t be mad at me, we’re somewhere else. I don’t get it. football is fast People won’t be able to watch it because they won’t get anything out of it It doesn’t play for ten, twenty, thirty seconds I wouldn’t want to do any excesses again, but it annoys me about football If someone tells me it was tricky match to make 12 cards, so I probably never played football and I don’t understand it, “ said a 66-year-old Prague native.

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He was afraid that one of his players would receive a red card. “You play on the verge of uncertainty, if you went to nine, it would be a terrible loss. We played like this for practically 25 minutes. After the match, we smashed the players for playing it. Some fouls are not on the yellow card.” said the former coach of Slavia, Teplice, Pilsen, Liberec, Sparta or the Czech national team.

“I know that Mr. Orel has a different meter, he gives cards. But then a week before I see that (Jan) Bořil plays on the line and there is no penalty, there is nothing, there is no exclusion and yet it can be seen there,” said Rada, alluding to the match of the 7th round between the champion Slavia and Slovácko (2: 1), in which the Orel wrongly excluded the captain of the people of Prague for the game by hand and did not order a penalty against his team. The Commission of the Referees of the Football Association of the Czech Republic suspended the video referee Miroslav Zelink’s delegation for one match for an error, but Orel did not receive a penalty.

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