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Home buyers in North Limburg and the Weert region are increasingly coming from cities outside the region. They often look for peace, space and an affordable home. Especially now that more people are working from home.

Houses in rural areas in municipalities where there is a lot of nature are especially popular with city dwellers.

working from home
According to several real estate agents in the north of the province, this trend has been growing since the coronavirus outbreak in the spring of 2020. “In the past, we often only saw people who were retiring or approaching retirement age coming this way. Now we see that buyers from, for example, the Randstad can also live in Limburg. The increased working from home is the reason for this. They live in Limburg but can continue to work in the Randstad, “says Dennis Holthuijsen of real estate association NVM, Limburg department.

The NVM figures support the increase. “Five years ago, the percentage of people from the Randstad was around 2 percent, now that percentage is already at 4.5 percent. With peaks in Weert, for example, of 6.6 percent,” says Holthuijsen. This means that in the Weert region, 6.6 percent of all homes sold this year have already been bought by someone who is not from the region. The buyers do not only come from the Randstad, but also increasingly from larger cities across the provincial border such as Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Outer area
The houses outside built-up areas are the most popular. “In the rural area, there are even 80 to 90 percent of the buyers from outside Limburg,” says real estate agent Twan Poels from Gennep. Sjors van Triel van Boek and Offermans Makelaars in Venray notes that some of these are young people who do have a bond with the region because they were born here. “With us, 30 to 40 percent of the customers have come from outside Limburg in the last year and a half. Because of corona they find out that you get more for the same money here,” says Van Triel.

From Dordrecht to Kronenberg
Eric Borsje and Laura van Zon from Dordrecht decided more than a year ago to look for more peace, space and greenery. In June they exchanged their terraced house on the edge of the center of Dordrecht for a detached house in Kronenberg. “The park in the street in Dordrecht was about the same size as our garden with the meadows is now,” according to Van Zon. According to Borsje, they have a very different lifestyle here. He enjoys the sunrise, a morning walk and the tranquility without cars.

The couple puts the lack of direct contact with friends into perspective. “You don’t just go into town for a drink or spontaneously with a friend for a bite to eat or to the theater. That is different, but missing is a big word. You get in the car and then it takes a little longer and then you might also stay a little longer,” says Van Zon.

Also in terms of work, there were no obstacles for the couple to move from the Randstad to Limburg. Borsje is enjoying his early retirement and Van Zon can largely work from home.


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