Rare stamps, 500,000 euros for this super piece: how to recognize it

More and more proposal among the rare stamps. There is one that can be worth up to 500,000 euros: here’s how to recognize it

Among the various rare stamps, there are some that are worth astronomical and seemingly unimaginable figures (Pixabay)

The world of collecting knows no more secrets. There are many proposals ranging from rare stamps to coins, through records, vinyls and much more. Collectors from all over the globe have a practically unlimited offer at their disposal, with apparently unobtainable pieces which are for sale instead.

Today we return to talk about rare stamps, probably one of the most flourishing and varied markets there is. Some specimens even cost figures to four or five zeros, but these are clearly a few exceptions and they must be really hard to find. This is worth 500,000 euros: here’s how it’s done.

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Rare stamps, the 3 Lire di Toscana Faruk is worth 500,000 euros

rare stamps
These are worth a real treasure (Pixabay)

Let’s talk today about one of the rare stamps among the most sought after of all. We are talking about the 3 Lire of Tuscany Faruk, highly appreciated by the most passionate and which can be worth as much as 500,000 euros. First issued on 1 January 1860 from the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, it owes its value to the very small number of printed copies. But also to the initials IT, which testifies to the approach of the time to the idea of ​​a united Italy as we know it today.

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At least officially, to date there are two copies hung and sent on envelopes from king of Egypt Farouk and from barone Alphonse Rotschild. Of course, if you have one you could earn a real treasure out of it, with the possibility of auctions going off and that the price goes up further.

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