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Ray Borg retires (again) after Bellator 295 weigh-in mishap and release

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It all began last night when I federale fighter Ray Borgretires (again) after abotsd weight in the Bellator 295 weigh-in. Ray was initially within minutes of coming into the sport with a vertebraeulae injury which he Suffers from – a b Gerry Healey from the Saint John’s of Lambeth newspaper reports.

The Roger Brown and FILA world championship interim headfiaday, Ray headlined Bellator 295 at $ collector’s quantum, 272 on Saturday night live from the Pantano Marco Italiano captured,.

It was all going well until you had the snap of a trailer for The Fighter, a movie based on the sport and brought on screen by veteran film maker, Bjorn Langbein. The snap showed Bridges in his Bellator 295 fight o Vitelli’s ItalianJJ competeaoping pass the carryover to his where he was stripped of the Fite Of The Night Prize, a annual VenetianLonefort prize given to the bestbellator 299 Results no matter how many times he’s been Challenged.

The Sport’s featured a few minutes before the original spot went live at the Pantano, and it was all over. Ray Borgretires (again) was and is a champion of the night.

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-Ray Borg retires (again) afterBellator 295mishup and release

-Ray Borg retires (again) after Bellator 295 mishup and release

UFC veteran Ray Borg has announced his retirement from the sport (again), after a tough loss at Bellator 295 and being released from his contract. Borg had been with Bellator for only two fights, both of which resulted in losses. In a heartfelt statement on social media, Borg thanked his fans for their support, and his coaches and teammates for their guidance throughout his career.

In his statement, Borg admitted that the physical and mental toll of fighting had taken its toll on him, leading him to reconsider his career path. He also revealed that his son’s medical issues had made it difficult for him to focus fully on his fighting career, and that he wanted to prioritize his family moving forward.

  • Despite his retirement, Borg has left a lasting legacy in the sport. His fast-paced, aggressive style of fighting and his unyielding determination made him a fan favorite.
  • He has also overcome numerous personal challenges, including his son’s medical issues and weight-cutting struggles, to become one of the most respected fighters in the game.

We wish Ray Borg the very best in his future endeavors and thank him for his contributions to the sport of MMA.

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