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The Mexican Manuel García-Rulfo surprised us in his first international leading role

It’s been a little less than a week since it arrived. The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) to Netflix: a successful lawyer starring the Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who generally works from his spectacular Lincoln while cruising the streets of LA.

After having suffered an accident, Mickey Haller will have to solve the mysterious case of the suspicious death of a colleague, while trying to balance other aspects -just as chaotic- in his life.

These are our reasons not to miss Netflix’s new legal drama

It is based on a book

The series is based on the second part of the homonymous novel by Michael Connelly, and the title may sound familiar to you, since the first part of the novel inspired the 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey; so even though the two adaptations diverge a bit in the plot line, the author’s style remains in both and we love that.

Explore the topic of mental health

Mickey Haller is our protagonist, a successful and attractive lawyer who, after having suffered an accident, several operations, and a slow and painful recovery, develops an addiction to Oxycodone, and throughout the ten chapters we will see him face his inner demons, hopefully, with the help of Izzy, his new driver and who is also in recovery from the substance. All this, in addition to dealing with a new case each new chapter, with two ex-wives with whom he has a good relationship, and for giving all the attention and affection to his daughter.

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