Recognize the Symptoms of an Aneurysm That Needs to be Watched

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Aneurysm is a condition of abnormality in the blood vessels which is considered as a silent killer. Following aneurysm symptoms.

A person with a ruptured brain blood vessel condition caused by an aneurysm can lead to a fatal condition. Not only damage the brain, this condition can also be life threatening.

This condition occurs when blood vessels dilate due to a weak vessel wall structure.

Generally, people with aneurysms are often not aware of this disorder. This is because aneurysms are generally known from routine medical examinations.

However, large aneurysms can compress surrounding tissue or nerves.

Here are some symptoms of a brain aneurysm to watch out for, according to the Head of Neurosurgeon and neurosurgeon specialist at the National Brain Center Hospital (RSPON), Abrar Arham.

Symptoms of aneurysm:

– Pain around the eyes
– Numbness on one side of the face
– Dizziness and headache
– Difficulty speaking
– disturbed balance
– Difficulty concentrating or having a weak memory
– Impaired vision or double vision

Symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm:

– Impaired vision
– Nausea and vomiting
– Loss of consciousness
– Seizures
– Difficult to speak
– Paralysis or weakness in the legs or one side of the body

If there is a suspicion towards the symptoms of a brain aneurysm. You will have to perform several additional tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Here are some additional tests that can be done, such as:

MRI: This action is to detect the presence or absence of a brain aneurysm.

CT Scan: This is to determine whether there is bleeding in the brain due to rupture or leakage of a brain aneurysm.

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Brain angiography: This is to determine whether there are abnormalities in the blood vessels of the brain, including detecting brain aneurysms. Angiography can be done with a CT scan (CTA) or with an MRI.

See an explanation of the symptoms of aneurysms on the following page.


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