Record championships of Lithuanian kayakers at the World Championship

Simonas Maldonis, Mindaugas Maldonis, Ignas Navakauskas and Artūras Seja joined the starting line in the 500 m distance final of the four-seater kayak. The Lithuanian quadruple covered the distance in 1 minute. 20.83 sec. and won 5th place. This is the highest achievement of a Lithuanian four-seater kayak in the history of world championships.

Lithuanians were only 0.14 seconds short of medals. Gold was won by the Ukrainians, silver by the Slovaks and bronze by the Czechs.

“The hardest part is that there was very little shortage to the third place prize. As a result, there was a discussion and analysis in the locker room about what we lacked. And there was very little missing – centimeters. Getting around was probably our weak point. We only sat in the boat together for the third time. There was barely a gap to third place. It seems to be gratifying that there was not enough to reach the podium, but at the same time it is very disappointing that we were left without a medal, ”commented emotionally one-on-one kayakers, who had to adjust their team composition just before the World Championship, because of positive COVID-19 Aurimas Lankas and Edvinas Ramanauskas could not take the tests to the championship.

Until then, the best achievement of the Lithuanian four-seater kayak in the world championships was in 2017. 9th place.

Andrejus Olijnikas also recorded the historical achievement for Lithuania. He became the first Lithuanian after the restoration of independence to reach the finals of the 1000 m singles kayak championship of the World Championship.

A. Olijnikas covered the distance in the final in 3 minutes. 33.05 sec. and took 6th place. A.18 Olijnik was awarded 2.18 sec. Fernando Pimento from Portugal became the world champion. Tokyo Olympic champion Hungarian Blind Kopash was second and satisfied with a silver medal.

“I am pleased with the result. I didn’t have high expectations, I didn’t focus on the result, and I wanted to catch my ride. The first 250 meters was my race. In the middle of the distance, I tried to deal with the technical stuff, but as I was coping, the opponents escaped. I had hoped to start the finish earlier, but didn’t have the strength to finish powerfully. I reached the 6th place and I am very satisfied with that, ”said A. Olijnik, who had been rowing a two-seater kayak for a decade.

Two more Lithuanian crews will start in the finals of the world championship on Sunday. The single-seater kayak in the 200 m distance will start in 2018. A. Seja, the world vice-champion of this distance. Vadimas Korobovas and Henrikas Žustautas will compete in the final of the 500 m double canoe race.

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