Reunion has its first “Cyberknife”, a revolutionary machine

It is a huge breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. The Sainte-Clotilde clinic is equipped with the first radiosurgery robot in the Indian Ocean zone. The Cyberknife S7 can treat primary carcinogenic cells up to metastases in just a few sessions.

The Sainte-Clotilde clinic has just acquired a revolutionary machine in the treatment of cancer. Born from a collaboration between specialists in radiotherapy and robotics, the Cyberknife is a state-of-the-art machine capable of targeting a tumor with great precision.

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The Cyberknife is a knife that replaces the surgeon’s scalpel“, explains Dr Slama Youssef, medical radiophysicist and cancer researcher within the Clinifutur Group.”It is a microbeam of rays that will allow us to sculpt a tumor and completely eradicate the tumor cell, and in a non-invasive way, unlike a surgical operation.“.

Side effects reduced considerably

His colleague, Dr Mickaël Bègue, radiotherapist oncologist, speaks of a real technological revolution. “It is a machine which has an infra millimeter precision. It has the ability to follow the tumor in its movement during the respiratory cycle“. Three optical cameras coupled with LED signals make it possible to model in real time the breathing of the patient as well as the movement of the tumor.

Thanks to this very high precision, only the tumor is irradiated and no longer the larger area around it, which considerably reduces side effects for the patient.

The Cyberknife Revolutionary Machine in Cancer Treatment

Dr Slama Youssef and Dr Mickaël Bègue are radiotherapy specialists at the Sainte-Clotilde clinic

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Fewer radiotherapy sessions

The other big advantage of this new technology is that the radiotherapy sessions are shorter. Until a few years ago, it sometimes took up to thirty sessions to treat certain cancers. But thanks to Cyberknife, it is possible to eradicate all cancer tumor cells in just three to five sessions.

To treat a prostate, it will take 15 minutes, to treat a lung tumor, the procedure will last between 25 and 30 minutes per session“, further indicates Dr. Mickaël Bègue. And it is a very broad spectrum of cancer that can be taken care of:”Brain tumors, brain metastases, ENT tumors, primary lung tumors, lung metastases, bone metastases, primary liver tumors, pancreatic tumors and prostate tumors can be treated.“.

A 4.5 million euro machine

In France, there are 20 Cyberknife models, but only four of the latest series called S7, including the one just acquired by the Sainte-Clotilde clinic. This represents a total investment of six million euros for the Clinifutur group, including 4.5 million euros just for the cost of Cyberknife. It took four years to implement this project.

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